Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Saxon ♥

Dear Saxon,
I cannot believe  that another birthday has come for you already and you are now 14.
Fourteen, no matter how I say it it seems so unreal in terms of time. You have always been a HUGE bundle of enthusiasm and show great love for others and that hasn't changed over the years.

You have developed so much in this last year especially. You have become one of the 'big boys' accepting many responsibilities and showing your manliness in much more mature reactions to things.

Although I can still see the 'little boy' that comes out in your  play and joking around. You have a wonderful sense of humour and I love the way the little children come after you and want to follow you and learn from a Pied Piper.

I pray that this year will be a great year for you Spiritually as well as you mature greater still in the gifts and talents you have been blessed by God to have.

May today be a wonderful birthday for you. Enjoy your gifts and the last day of the Liturgical year for 2010.

 All our love Always,

1 comment:

Vellvin said...

Happy birthday Saxon!!!
I love you.


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