Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hearts for Home - 9th November ♥

In today’s busy and aggressive society mothers at home are not given much encouragement to be committed to their role in being home.

In my weekly 'Hearts for Home' post I am encouraging myself and others to commit to thinking about what 4-6 things we can do each week to bring our thoughts, prayers and actions to keeping our 'Hearts for Home'.

I am praying that a spirit of gentleness, generosity in thoughts and time along with loveliness and grace would lead us to be all that God wants us to be.

I pray also that each person involved in 'Hearts for Home' would also pray for any others involved as well.

May you be blessed by this initiative. I pray it brings you and your family many blessings.

So each week list 4-6 things you will commit to that will keep your "Hearts for Home'.
Please leave a you name and a link to your blog (if you don't have one just leave your list in the comment box) and perhaps a comment so we can all see and encourage each other.

If you would like, add the 'Hearts for Home' logo to your side bar as a reminder of your goals.
God Bless you this week.

♥ Please leave a link to your Hearts for Home Edition on the Mister Linky at the end of the post, so we can all come and visit.
I would also appreciate you linking back here too.☺ ♥ ♥

I also have decided I need to print out my list so I can constantly refer to it and therefore keep it in my mind. I also need to have it put up where I can see it constantly.

My list for the 9th November is ♥ ♥

1. I really want to finish catching up on the washing routine. We have had an influx of washing with the older children's clothes from being away.

2.With less than three weeks till Advent I really need to organise our Advent Study plans:
Should we do some very simple plans or follow a theme this year.? I am still trying to work this out!

3. I will attempt to fix up Braedon's patchwork quilt. I have been reluctant to do this as I am not sure how to go about it.

4.Get Christmas lists from the children so we can try to plan these for them.

5.Try to implement the plans I have for the little children

6.Get all the children back into a regular lesson and home routine........again. It seems we are constantly re-evaluating this

Blessings to you and your homes,


Theresa Thomas said...

Hi Gae! I'm going to put your badge on my blog :) I'll list the 4-6 things I'm going to do to keep my heart toward home :

1. Keep up my morning rosary and pray daily for my family. I have one grown child out of college, out of the house; two in college; two in high school and six at home. I have realized that my grown children need prayers more than anything else as they forge out their identities and strive to reach their goals in our world.

2.I will strive toward patience daily in all tasks. I will realize that God will not ask for anything that He cannot help me accomplish.

3. I will try to be the best wife I can be to my husband. I will try to make a peaceful and happy home to relieve the stressors of work and the world. I will set aside everything when he needs me and be the helpmate and gift God intended me to be.

4. I will keep a positive spirit.

5. I will plan for Advent and not worry about the secular trappings of Christmas. I will create a hearth of love and acceptance in our home where those who join us can find peace and respite.

Judy Dudich said...

I admire your planning and creating talent Gae. You have a real gift for designing such wonderful activities and learning experiences for your family. May God bless you as you endeavor to envision your Advent Season this year!

I enjoyed your visitor, Theresa Thomas's list very much as well...
especially in mentioning the avoidance of the commercial traps of Christmas; and providing a peaceful respite filled with love, instead! This is BEAUTIFUL!

Thank you for hosting and for helping us to better ourselves as wives and mothers at home.

Gentle Heart Homestead said...

Hello dear Gae, I pray you are well and feeling strong these days! You must be so busy with catching up, now that the big kids are home. You are such a godly inspiration to us as we watch how you love and cherish your family. Many blessings to you and I hope your plans for Advent and the littlies go really well for you this week. love..Trish
oh-you asked me about the saying on my header! As far as I know it's an old anonymous house blessing. After I put it on I discovered some add a last line saying:"the crown of the house is godliness".Think I'll have to add that too lol! xox

Gae said...

Dear Theresa,
Your list is so inpiring. I am filled with yearning to create this in my home
Thank you for sharing and inspiring me
Prayers and blessings for your week

Dear Trish,
We are still catching up with the children coming home...washing is almost tamed as of today.
We ahve managed to lose a camera chip that had lots of photos on it which is very disaappointing.

Dear Judy,
I am always encourgaed by your kingd words and I agree Theresa is an inspiration. Have you read her book? I am realy enjoying it.

Thank you all for commenting and being part of this week's Hearts for Home


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