Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To the Bush we Go

Yesterday afternoon Myffwyn asked me to go for a walk with her, so trying to follow up on my resolutions about spending time with our little ones I went with her and Arwen and Corbyn.
We didn't have  a plan in mind and as often is the case we walked down to the bush on our property.

Myffy wanted to make some fairy houses and found some lovely shells for the swimming pool and boat for the fairies to use. To keep the dogs awasy from her fairy house making I walked on  a bit with Corbyn and Arwen.
It was a lovely Spring day with sunshine a mild breeze and I was really enjoying this time outdoors with our precious children.
As I was walking with them enjoining looking at the 'fairy carpet' ie moss and lichen and the 'winter house' that the children had created some weeks ago, Autumn came down to see us.
I quickly sent her back up for the camera to take some outdoor imaginative play photos of the children.
Arwen  was very brave and kept going up to the house on her own and then coming down the hill very confidently.
This is a great big hole (bigger than it looks) that Saxon dug with Corbyn one day trying help Corbyn use up a lot of his excess energy.
Rogan then wanted to put plastic in to put fish in, needless to say the muddy water is not a good habitat for fish.
This is the stockade built around the pond. I have no idea exactly who  made it or what reason.
Autumn was annoyed to find this 'kitchen structure' made by the little ones to go with their winter and summer house being help up with one of our very limited bandages.
Myffy helping her dismantle the bandage.
Myffy was off doing her fairy house things.
Corbyn went back up to get a boat to float in the creek
Once again the children love to sword fight. A trio of swordfighters.
Look what I found a long root to use for a sword.
Saxon in action
Arwen likes to be in on everything too. I can get you Autumn!!
Corbyn was trying  to sword fight with Arwen and misjudged the distance gettin Arwen in the mouth. Needlessly she wasn't happy with this.....
and went off to sulk.
She kept up the pretence just long enough for us to see her and then very happily wandered off to do her own thing.
Some of the 'fairy carpet'
Autumn taking photos of flowers
We have swallows nest on our verahdah eavery year. They are beautiful birds and arrived on the first day of spring.

So I just wanted to share the joy I had spending this time with our little ones , not really doing much at all, just being with them and allowing them to show me the joy they were having in God's beautiful creation.

It was a reminder to me of the fact that we don't need to plan everything with the children but just be open and ready to share in the lives of those whom we love.

My dear darling Autumn took quite a few of the really cute photos. Isn't she talented?

Blessings to you and your homes


aspiritofsimplicity said...

One of the greatest joys I had in being able to stay home with my children is the doing of "nothing" in fact we planned these times into our days so that the children (and I) would have a chance to use our imaginations every day. Childhood just isn't right without the chance to walk through the woods with the fairies.

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Oh my what a grand time you all had!!! Indeed you do have a wonderful photographer in Autumn. I have linked you to today's Adventure Tour Express!!! Thank you!! Cathy

Kim said...

I love the pictures! Autumn is a great photogrtapher. :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun, thanks for taking us a long. And I love to see children with such imagination.

Marla Grace said...

Very talented indeed! What beautiful pictures, and moments. That little one with the pictails. She looks about the same age as my little one. I guess maybe our two little ones will be the same age difference. Thanks for stopping by my new blog. Hope you will become a follower. You are still welcome to view my other one. I sent you an email invite. Blessings, Marla Grace


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