Sunday, November 7, 2010

I was only 19!

Well, who would believe it, but Braedon has hit 19 years of age - good form Son - as we keep saying to you, you are still our adorable little boy in our hearts and minds, but we are sure that as a young man you are showing every virtue that parents could hope for, and we feel very blessed to have you as a son and brother in our family.
Happy birthday - we don't have that red Ferrari for you to match your carefully-cultivated style, but we hope you'll enjoy your birthday celebration with your family who all love you and adore you very much. Yes, Dad wrote this one - it doesn't read as well as Mum's but I'm having a red hot go at it, whilst your every busy, seemingly indefatigable Mother gets some other things organised for your day of celebration.

Don't forget - Mass is at 10:30am and we do not want to stress Vellvin with not getting there early, nor do we want Saxon or Rogan to feel hassled, assuming they might serve for Fr Felix...just don't do your usual, last person out of the house routine - that's my job; Oh, and in case you get any smart ideas about slowly opening presents, brown paper and sticky tape is best torn off presents - just a hint!!!  

Have a great day. Love from Dad and Mum and the Guys (and we'll include especially the little ones in this since they never get to write on a card or stuff like that and they all sing Happy Birthday to you and will clap when you blow out the candles on your cake.  


Saxon said...

Happy Birthday brother!!!!

Lala Lass said...

Ohhh Happy Bithday Braedon, for the other day!! I hope it was a most enjoyable day! XOXO


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