Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Children's Ideas for Advent

Each year we attempt to do different Advent plans along with our traditional feast days as we prepare for the birth of our Saviour. We try to follow some of the same traditions while alternating others and look at different ways of
A couple of weeks ago as we were discussing our plans for Advent I asked the children for  their ideas on what they thought would be most important for us to celebrate our Advent this year.

Here is a list of each child's most important aspects to celebrate this Advent season
Each child had to come up with original thoughts so if they had some that were already mentioned they had to think of new ones~

Read Bartholomew's Passage
Read tons of our picture books
Have a night time journey to a creche in the woods  (aka Tasha Tudor) but not on Christmas eve
Read Josephin's Christmas story
Write a Christmas story
Illustrate each of the picture books we read and create a "Christmas Book"
Read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever - our children love this book and insist I read it in the voices I made up the first time I read it.
Celebrate the Feast Days

Read Kit or Addy's Christmas book
Make decorations- paper chains
String up sliced dried apples and oranges
Make cinnamon and applesauce decorations
Wood carvings
Cardboard cut outs
Bon fire
Make Silhouettes
Christmas sewing

Read Samantha or Felicity Christmas books
Play Carols on instruments together
Make lots of Christmas cakes
Make lots of cookies
Make Candy for Christmas
Watch Christmas movies (our list of movies)
Have a Family Thanksgiving dinner
New Christmas tree

Read EVERY picture book we own
Make St Nicolas gifts for everyone - each person make 13 of one item to put into each stocking.
Read Tabitha's travels
St Lucia feast day - make sure we double the  St Lucia bread recipe
Make all the girls a new Christmas outfit
Make the boys new vests or other outfits
Give the birds  a Christmas treat
Christmas shoe box appeal
Tasha Tudor Christmas Cookie tree decorations
Have a family Carols by Candlelight with hot chocolate (learn A selection of carols with younger children)

Make a  Gingerbread house
Use the stocking countdown
Lights on the house
Decorate with lights inside
Make Lebekens (one of the cookies we make, Eden's favourite)
Read Kit the Christmas one
Make an Advent Calender perhaps using Corgiville as an example
Use home made Pot Pourri on the stove
Midnight feast ( a given anyway)

Other ideas:
Advent wreath
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd box stories
Read a saint story during Advent
Read a chapter book on Advent that we already own

To stop me from over planning I will just use the ideas form the children and incorporate our feast days and we will have a complete Advent Study for this year.
I hope your own plans are going well.

I am looking forward to sharing more Advent traditions with you as we progress.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Unknown said...

What an inspiring post! You're children had some wonderful ideas! My family and I may be using some of them. I especially liked the idea of making St Nicholas Day gifts for siblings and Christmas Caroling. Thanks again to you and your children!

allisamazing said...

Your children came up with some great ideas to celebrate advent. I am so looking forward to the Christmas season this year. ~Alana~

Kendra said...

Very sweet ideas! :) We'll be reading Jotham because I forgot to order Tabatha or Bartholomew in time. Did you know there's going to be an Easter book out by the same Author in Jan or 2010? It's called Amon's Adventure and from what I understand it's up for preorder :)

Judy Dudich said...

What a BEAUTIFUL compilation of Advent plans and ideas!
And, very wise of you not to try to add to it for the sake of keeping your stress level down.
I can imagine all your dear children reading and baking and sewing...then trucking out to the woods to that "Tasha Tudor" style creche!
God bless you with wonderful memories-in-the-making!
Please thank your children for inspiring us!


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