Friday, December 3, 2010

Boys on the Roof!!

What is the best way to scare your mother and reduce her to much prayer and thankfullness that all three of her sons are still alive?

Well it is when you tell her that not only did the older boys go on the roof to clean the gutters, they have done this before, when I haven't known about it too!
But that they took their younger brother up there as well, who has never been on a roof before.
Imagine 'ropes and dangling' being words they used to tell me about the experience when they came inside.

Of course they thought it a very worthwhile job to do without their father being on the job site. As according to them "it would have taken all of Saturday to do what we did in a couple of hours if Dad had of helped".
Need I say that we have varying heights of roofs and they go up to 8 meters high ( the picture above is at that height) and they walked from height to height in some cases
Apparently about 20 Australians die after falls from roof tops I am told quite cheerfully from Kynan!

Obviously Vellvin knew about the experience as it was happening because she took the photos while I was blissfully in ignorance cuddling the baby to sleep.
And of course the boys still don't understand my worrying about them as you can see from the photos of very confident poses!!
"We were quite safe, we knew what we were doing, what's to worry about?"

I believe their Guardian Angels were hard at work as well!!!!
The joy of raising boys ♥

Blessings to you and your homes,


GrandmaK said...

Oh my!!! My heart of pounding! So glad no one was injured! I have a fear of heights! God bless! Cathy

appledapple said...

I know what you mean about boys making their mother's heart stop. Mine keep my heart in my throat with their antics sometimes. I'm glad your gutters are clean and all made it safely down!

allisamazing said...

LOL - looks like they were having fun. Gotta love boys. ~Alana~

Cinnamon said...

I love it...."the joy of raising boys".... So true!!

Thank you for your sweet comments on our blog. I keep meaning to pop over but seems enjoying family, taking advantage of ~moments~ with children takes up some time :-)

You asked about feeling tired..... A few things helped me....a good whole multi-vitamin. Not one from the local drug store or the Dr. Mine also helped with my milk supply years and years ago. Plus cutting out gluten helped me. Gluten makes me cranky and tired, sleepy sleepy sleepy tired. Almost drugged tired.

I found drinking Kombucha gave me energy too but I haven't been drinking that lately. I need to make a new batch and send you a fresh SCOBY cause the other ones are sooo old.

Other than that I'm a pretty high energy person who doesn't nap too often. Except this pregnancy I'm resting more and not feeling one bit guilty about it :-)

Oh and green smoothies/drinks help too. Or could be your low on iron. Gee could be a zillion things but those are just some off the top of little ol' head :-)

Look forward to that email~


Saxon said...

It was fun!!!!!

Theresa said...

This gives me a heart attack just looking! I sooo can relate with boys of my own around the same age as yours! lol


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