Friday, December 17, 2010

The Clown Show

Corbyn the CLown
As I was sitting outside with the older children earlier in the week so I could see and be a part of what the littlies were doing. Our dear Corbyn was not sure what to do with himself, he had been a  bit annoying and whinny for a few days and I wasn't sure why that was, we know now, more later in the post.
I was trying to spend some time with the older children planning a rough plan for lesson ideas for the new year. Our children tend to get a bit 'antsy' during the summer break if it goes on for too long.
So we decided we would start back on the 10th January with the older children and on 1st Feb with the younger ones.
Of course it is very hard to concentrate while Corbyn is being demanding and 'wanting someone to play,' and yet not sure what he wants to do.
So I suggested we dress him up as a clown and he could do some tricks for us.
He thought this was a great idea and eagerly went and dressed up. I even helped him with the red nose and of course everyone wanted a red nose too.
It was very sweet to see him do this for a while, but it really was only  a little while and I was lucky to get the photos.
He really wasn't happy that day and that night he had an awful nights sleep. He was complaining of pain in his tooth and just generally whinny.
So the next day I took him to our very lovely dentist and she took out his front baby tooth. He had an abscess under it and it was causing him much pain. Poor Corbyn has had little cavities on his front teeth caused from milk as a baby. We have been treating them for a while, and he is such a brave boy.

Really they must have been causing him a lot of pain because he has had the best two nights sleep since he had this tooth out, he has had in ages.

But I just love the clown photos of him and had to share them. I love that our children enjoy these kind of games and it really is a joy to watch them in their assumed roles.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Gardenia said...

love the clown photos! a tooth can really upset the wellbeing of a little guy 00 glad it's out and he's doing better!


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