Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Homeschool Heart- Book Review

I feel so honored and blessed to share this wonderful book with you, Stories for the Homeschool Heart ,that I received from one of the authors Theresa Thomas.

It was a book I had heard so much about from other like minded people and I was so ready to read it when it arrived.
Mind you I had to wrest it from our oldest daughter, Autumn who tends to read a lot of my books anyway.

One of the things I loved most about the book was the way that people shared their stories, and some of them would have been hard to write, I think, but they are stories that inspire me to be a better wife, mother and servant of the Lord.

In some stories I was humbled by the total trust that the author was sharing. Have I ever had that sort of trust? What an answers to prayer were so many of them able to share. Is it possible something this remarkable event could happen to me if I were to truly let go and trust God in my own circumstances?

This book is so much more than another book about Homeshooling. It is a book that touches the heart of homeschooling, literally the heart. Without a heart that is committed to the best interests of our children, without a heart that is committed to the course that God leads us on, we really are only empty vessels that go through the motions.

A book that brings me to tears, as this one did, but also inspires and lifts me up, is a book that is a keeper. This is one that I will return to on those days when I need a little lift, on days when I just can't seem to get things to go right.
It is a book I would recommend to anyone struggling with the burdens of life.
Why? Because stories that are real and true, that speak to the heart are stories that inspire us all to the heights of our abilities.

These are the stories that inspire me to be a better me. To go forth and be grateful for every opportunity that I have each day to live my Faith, to share in the love of God with the special people He has placed in my life.

One of the most powerful stories was Theresa's own story of overcoming Cancer. As I read this I could so easily see how I would react in this circumstance, let me say I don't think it would have been pretty, and I was amazed and humbled again at the power of prayer and faith through the retelling of the opportunities God was offering Theresa and her family. What an inspiration and how it made me thankful for what I have in my own family circle!

I was again encouraged by the  how a story, or part of a story that is,  a seemingly trivial part on it's own can grab at you from this book. In the story 'Peanut Butter from Heaven' by Elizabeth M Mathews. I was stilled by how such a small thing can impact on how we see opportunities in our lives.
This was the quote from the story that I was so taken with~
After a recounting of some difficult and trying circumstances she was relating to a friend, these were her words
"In my heart I heard the same words I had spoken to my children earlier in the day, Smile when things don't go your way because the trials of today will be the treasure of tomorrow. It sounded so simple and yet it made so much sense. If my children see me happy when faced with a difficult situation, they will learn to do the same."

Words of wisdom form this book. Words that reach out and touch right where you need it. I am absolutely sure that one single reading will not produce all you can learn form this book. We all have different needs in different times of life and I believe this book can reach and touch the heart through many circumstances. What inspires me this time will not always be so, at different points in life different needs will require meeting.
There are so many different heartfelt and inspiring stories that you can always be assured of being blessed.

The power to learn is a phenomenal thing BUT that is only available to an open and teachable heart.
That is all you need to grow and learn from this book

Toward the end of the book is a section that talks about learning never ending. This has always been a focus for the way we educate our children. It was powerful to read the stories of children having been home educated and heir ability to give testimony of how that has influenced and helped them.

"The power to educate them" is a phase that resonates with me so much. This is a goal of ours that the children as they grow will go from being reliant on us to being able to educate themselves.
A quote from Luke Maguire Armstong is so very inspiring~
" I was learning how to learn, learning how to teach myself the things I wanted to know, without any teacher other than myself to acquire knowledge.
With only  a library card and an observing eye, I discovered that I could learn about anything I wanted. There are no bits of knowledge off limits to anyone."

The blessings and encouragement that can be yorus form this book are unending. At the moment you can enter a great giveaway too if you order this book. It would be a great Christmas gift for anyone who has an open and teachable heart.

May you be blessed by this book as was I.
Thank you Theresa for giving me such an opportunity to receive and review this book ♥

Blessings to you and your homes,

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