Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Simple St Lucia Crowns...Seriously!!

For many years I have struggled with how on earth would I make St Lucia crowns for the girls to wear on this feast day.
I have seen many versions of how people do them: paper, felt, and others. There are so many good ideas and I have printed out copies of so many, but I really didn't want to do too much work in making, them as we always seem to  struggle for time. Not to mention the safety factor of actually lighting candles on the girls heads. So each year we didn't actually do this much to my disappointment.
Last year I bought the standard wreaths from the Christmas decorating section of the cheap shop in town. I had an idea about wiring the candles on for the girls to wear. I did try this bu tit was a very unstable arrangement and as I knew the girls would like to have the crowns lit, even for a short time I wasn't comfortable with how it worked out.

So this year, on St Lucia's feast I was still trying to work out how to achieve this. Being busy with the making of the special bread I suggested to Eden that she get the wreaths from the store room along with the candles and see what she could come up with.
Indeed, she did work it out and it was so simple!!
She simply spread out the branches on the wreath, then wrapped one tightly around each candle (a little bit of fiddling was required to make it secure) and then fluffed up the sides to complete it.
So very simple and quite sturdy too.
I was keen to attach some red ribbon but forgot in the preparation of the meal phase.

I was astonished with he ease of this and they were able to be worn for a long period of time (not lit) without the candles moving at all.
We even lit them for a while while the girls carried the St Lucia bread for us to eat.

I am amazed, but shouldn't be at the creative and artistic ability of our children sometimes. You did a great job Eden, thank you.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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