Saturday, January 22, 2011

Localised Flooding

Our small seasonal creek in flood
Over the last weekend we had some very localised flooding in our area, quite unlike the major floods further north. It certainly was enough to cause major road closures in the district over a couple of days and restrict activities. Thank you for those concerned questions as to whether we were affected.

One of the requirements for us as a family was to gather as much firewood as we could for our stove. I have mentioned before we only have a wood burning stove for cooking.
As the rain and wind was predicted for quite some days we had 'all hands on deck' gathering the wood. Of course you do realise this was done while it was already raining of course so we had extra mud and wet clothes and boots to add to the washing to be dried inside....picture the Chinese laundry look.

Once we had a good lot of wood in the garage for quite some days the younger children came inside to get warm and cleaned up.
It actually took me a while...gasp.... to realise the three older boys were missing.

Where were they you may ask. Well it is fairly obvious, and I should have realised because it is not an uncommon thing for our children to do this while it is cold and raining.

They had been down swimming in the dam!!! So now we have sodden boots that take days to dry and very wet and cold boys.
I couldn't help take this photo .

I was thrilled to see those boys of ours enjoying the time together and building brotherly love that will sustain them in the years to come. I am blessed and thankful for these days of having our children love and care for each other.

Children are always a blessing and I am blessed by each and everyone of them!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Nabila Grace said...

Hopefully your wood will keep your food cooked and you all warm! Isn't it a blessing watching our children play along beside each other! I love it! ;o)

maria said...

I am glad that the flooding is not such a concern. But you have been blessed with wood for your fire...and I know that you will be able to stay warm.

It must have been fun...when we had our rainy season while growing up, I did the same thing with my brother and sister :-)

blessings Gae,


Lady Rose said...


Being in danger of flooding is something that always scares me, particularly because I live in an area that is very flat. I am glad that your little flooded creek wasn't too much trouble for you.

Your family sure sounded quite busy gathering firewood. Although it was hard work, I am sure that all of you were able to have time to bond together.

Anyway, take care, and I hope that the little bundle of joy in your womb is happy, content, and healthy. :)

-Lady Rose

Cinnamon said...

I love the picture of your boys!! They are a blessing aren't they!

Wow, I guess I missed that little fact that you only had a wood burning stove. Fun? Crazy? Cozy?

How wonderful that you all pitch in to keep warm.


Angel Wings and Apron Strings said...

Boys will be boys lol!
What a great fun photo!
Gae, I'm glad you are ok where you are down there.I forgot you had a creek on the property :-(
Getting the dry wood in is so important-especially for your household.
We are about to order ours to get it in long before winter hits. This is a very mild and wet summmer for the central tablelands so far and who knows - we could be in for a more severe winter this year.
I think we might have to stock up and be ready for some bad weather.


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