Monday, February 28, 2011

Hand Painted Birthday Saints

St Philomena- for Eden
At the moment I am in the middle of painting my figures for the Wooden Folk Exchange. 
This reminded me I had never done a complete post on the birthday saints I have made through out the year for our family.

I have mentioned before how much I love this craft and really that is good because have no real artistic ability at all.
I usually print out the image of the saint, or it could be any other person and use this as a guide to the colours and objects I want to feature. Sometimes this is hard and they do not turn out exactly how I want them to.

I am really enjoying painting my figures for the exchange and writing the story for them as well.
I have other plans for painting, that I am most keen to start as well,  and  I really do recommend this craft for even the most craft challenged or art challenged like me. It is quite addictive!!

So here are our saints so far since April 2010
Our Lady of Lourdes
St Leo the Great - Corbyn
Our Lady of Altagracia
St Rose of Cascia- this is for me for my Patron Saint of the year.
St Joseph Yuen- for Rogan
St Dymphna- for Moran
St Stephen- for Stephen
St Ermangilde- for Myffwyn
St Brigid of Ireland- for Autumn
Padre Pio- for Kynan
St John Vianney- for Saxon
Mother Teresa- for Vellvin
St Gerard Majella- for Braedon
St Elizabeth of Hungary- for Arwen this year.

For those of you who have never seen the ones I made for our Alphabet Path here they are as well.
Here is our complete listing of the Alphabet of Saints to use along with our Alphabet Path studies,
I used An Alphabet of Catholic Saints as a guide along with Jessica's and Blair's already painted Saints.
A is for St Agnes
B is for St Bernadette
C is for St Cecilia
D is for St Dominic
E is for St Elizabeth Ann Seton
F is for St Francis
G is for St George
H is for St Helen
I is for St Ignatius
J is for St Joseph
K is for St Kateri Tekawitha
L is for St Lucia
M is for St Martin de Porres
N is for St Nicholas
O is for St Odilia
P is for St Patrick
Q is for Queen of Heaven (Mary)
R is for St Rose
S is for St Sharbel
T is for St Therese
U is for St Ursula
Vis for St Vincent de Paul
W is for St Wenceslas
X is for St Francis Xavier
Y is for St Joseph Yuen
Z is for St Zita

The whole Alphabet of Saints
Back views of Saints
More back views of some Saints
Some side views of the Saints
Opposite side view

Blessings to you and your homes,


Sue Elvis said...

Wow! Gae, I am so impressed. What a beautiful collection of saints to treasure. Could you tell us where you get your doll bases from? I feel so creative just looking at all the wonderful things you have made. God bless.

Trish said...

How gorgeous!
Gae, they do look like fun to make.
I love how you grouped them as if they're having a great chat amongst themselves :-)
Makes me think of the 'great cloud of witnesses' who look on as we continue our pilgrimage here on earth.
You are tempting me to borrow some small children to make these for lol!!

Gae said...

Dear Sue,
Thank you for that. I get these bases from Winterwood in Melbourne, but I am looking in the US for some differnt shape ones.

Dear Trish,
Thank you for this again. I actually think the ones I made for Lent/Holy Week
really do focus on this. We used these ones for the Assension last year too.



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