Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pregnancy Update!


I thought I might give those of you who are asking and praying for our little one an update.

As a pre cursor I am actually very well and have only bouts of tiredness (hence the lack of blogging sometimes) and sometimes a bit of nausea. Our older/middle children often help me to have a little rest by playing with the little ones and doing a bit for me than usual. This is a great help and blessing to me and I am very, very grateful to them.

Today I had some blood tests done including a glucose tolerance test. My blood test was not done very well with a resulting cut, rather than a pin prick that resulted from the technician moving the needle around trying to get the blood she needed.

I also had an ultrasound that was  a bit disappointing. First I could not actually see the screen and then the CD I was given with the pictures did not actually work when I got home so I still don't know anything. I need to ring them tomorrow and see about a replacement. I was interested to see the 'new and improved' due date that I am sure will be on the disk.

This is an on going struggle I have with Dr's and radiologist each pregnancy. Even though I KNOW when my due date is I am always told that it is wrong because of the ultrasound dates, which if I have more than one is never the same anyway, which leads to the obvious question, why don't they go with my dates anyway. And of course this leads to more conjecture on what we should do too as the dates become closer!

I just can't see why they insist that every baby is the same weight at a certain age especially when every woman does not have the same size baby. You will never convince me on this one!

I also saw the Doctor at the ante-Natal clinic at our local hospital. All ante-natal is done through the clinic, there is no 'see your own specialist obstetrician' here.
Of course this was to assess if I was able to continue going to the midwife clinic or the registrar clinic or to the Doctor clinic. Guess which one I get to go to?

Yep!! The Doctor clinic because I am , yes I am going to say it, yes 'high risk,' not because of any medical reason but simply I have had 11 babies. Our babies are not huge babies and in fact we have yet to have over an 8lb baby yet. I am well during pregnancy and do not have problems, I also do not have any problems at birth. So why all this fuss over supposed high risk? Oh and for the record I have been high risk since Rogan.

I believe Dr's today just aren't used to seeing women with more than a few babies and so are not sure how to actually care for mothers of larger families. O They are not comfortable with this because our society does not condone large families and we are seen as the 'not normal' rather than, this is obviously a normal family, loving and accepting each and every child.
Or perhaps they are more worried about insurances etc if something does go wrong!
Every so often you have a DR who is not taken aback when you tell him how many children you have, but usually this is a Dr from developing nations or a few from Ireland we have seen, not in an ant- natal case though.. more is the pity.

I had my booking in appointment last week as I tend not to go until I really need to. I just find the constant appointments of routine blood pressure etc a time waster. Of course getting a referral to go to the clinic was a major issue for me. I object going to the GP to get a referral and paying the $80 to get it, to actually be able to go to the hospital, the public hospital as a public patient, and to be allowed the privilege of having your baby at the hospital.
This is one of my 'hot buttons' at the moment too.

However I wish to say I am thankful for the fact that our baby is well, that I do have problem free pregnancies and that we are looking forward to meeting our sweet one relatively soon.

Based on the relative closeness of our baby's arrival I think we really should start looking for names. This is an interesting task for us as we have a few criteria that must be met for our children's names. Of course this makes it more challenging after 11 children (we choose both boy and girl names as we don't find out the sex of our babies) as we have to look at new names, if we can find them, or reconsider some of the old favourites again.

Well I had best get to bed this (early morning) staying up to watch a movie does not give as good a rest as I need. Thank you again for those people who are praying for the health of our baby and me, we are so thankful for your gift of prayer.
Goodnight to you all!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Rejoicing with you Gae!

What a special time this is for you and for your family.

Sometimes, I begin to regret the decision to stop after my daughter was born...but then I realize, that this decision, even though was made when I had yet accepted God in who He was...He was in complete control of the situation.

I pray that as this little one gets closer and closer to make his presence enjoy rest and just basking in that wonderful joy that comes when you feel him/her move inside of you.

Knowing that you are being used by The Father to bring another one of His Saints to the world.

Praise be His Name!


Kim said...

Continued prayers, Gae. How frustrating to be 'high risk' .... ugh.

I did have to agree with this: "I just can't see why they insist that every baby is the same weight at a certain age especially when every woman does not have the same size baby. You will never convince me on this one!"

When Elise and Benedict were born, there was a 1 pound difference between them. I highly doubt that say, 34 weeks both kids weighed the same!

God love you!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you are doing well and continuing in prayer for you and baby.
Anne ♥

Gardenia said...

Gae, thank you for this update. I hope to see an update whenever I come to visit, and this just fills me to the brim in satisfying my curiosity. :) I pray for your babe and you and your whole family. blessings.

Gae said...

Thank you again sweet friends for you concern and care
I actually have to go back for another Glucose Tolerance test as I came in higher than the normal range but I hope to keep you updated.

Thank you again for your prayers for our little one and our family

God Bless

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Wonderful news. Here's hoping and praying for a problem free pregnancy.


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