Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Breadmaking....love it ♥

 In January we succumbed to buy, after much debate about the value of a bread maker, as large a version of bread maker we could find.

Now for many years in fact over 12 years we have not had a bread maker. We were at a stage in our lives where it just wasn't big enough for us and I was keen to return to the days of mixing my dough by hand...well almost. It was a t this stage we bought a couple of mixers with a dough hook.

Well this worked until both the machines, being not heavy duty enough broke and for a while we went back to store bought bread or hand kneading.

For a couple of years during this process I was very keen to get a Kitchen Aid Mixer which was supposed to be the 'ants pants' in kneading bread dough. Well to tell the truth we couldn't mix 2 loaves at a time without the dough climbing up the mixer blade and had to have it repaired at our own cost as they said we over filled it even though we followed the directions to the letter.  And frankly it took a lot of time to clean up and of course watch and fix during the kneading process. Not good if you are trying to be quick!!
Since then we have periodically used ti for doughs we might not need a lot of and mostly we hand knead most doughs.
However we did not make bread much die to the slower process. Our children all love homemade bread though,especially Autumn who remembers making it with me when she was only 3 years old. It was special time for us together.

So the bread machine has come into our home again. WE LOVE IT.

Obviously one loaf isn't enough for lunch so we just have to start earlier and make 2 loaves both using the rapid setting.  I don't know why it didn't occur to me years ago, I guess with age comes wisdom.☺We are very happy with doing this though and often put on a loaf for the 'afternoon munchies' too.

One day my dream is to get an industrial size mixer to mix huge amounts in but until then we are quite pleased with our newest adventure with home made bread once more.
Which just goes to prove though that home made even in a bread machine is better than store bought!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Hmmm gets me to wondering if I should invest in one too.

Kendra said...

Did you get a Sunbeam one? The really big one?! I picked that one after reading reviews, and because it was the biggest I could find locally. My arms were aching from all the "by hand kneading" of bread and while I REALLY wanted a Kitchen Aid, when I told the lady what I was after she told me I'd really need to get the Professional model for it to cope with my bread dough size. The bread maker was considerably cheaper! hehe

Ruth said...

This made me think seriously on investing on one.. ....Thanks!
Your bread story made me hungry LOL!

Blessings to your home, Gae.

hip-chick said...

I am sharing this recipe for Grandmother bread in the bread machine. It is the best recipe I have ever tried. Oh man is it ever good.
If I messed up the link it is posted on my blog Hip Chick's home under From the kitchen and you have to scroll down the that recipe.

Storybook Woods said...

I think there is nothing more that say I love you, then homemade bread! Clarice

allisamazing said...

What a blessing!! I love our bread machine that we got a year ago. There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh bread baking and of course, the taste. :) ~Alana~

Anonymous said...

Oh Gae, I am so happy for you. The goal is to have fresh bread and that is exactly what your family is enjoying :)

Congratulations on your new kitchen helper!


rox said...

Gae I just did a post on breadmaking ! ☺
I find the kneading actually is good for my fingers and hands because I've got arthritus !
my sil makes that artisan bread and loves it as she just keeps the dough in the fridge and uses it as need be .
I don't like the texture of it but it is a very popular bread often titled 5min bread .You might like it .
my dh loves sor dough and it has been fun to make too .
I am so inspired with all these healthy homemaking posts ☺

Simply Be... said...

Wow Gae! Those loaves are huge!
That's the size my hubby would love lol!
I can imagine how wonderful your home must smell with such a delicious aroma wafting through!
What a beautiful blessing for your family. Good, healthy and satisfying homemade bread. I'm so glad you are enjoying your machine - it must be such a help to you :-)

Gae said...

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your comments on our newest food craze in our home. Also for the lovely links to bread making.



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