Saturday, February 19, 2011

Summer is nearly over...

Summer Seasons Table
I admit that Summer is my least favourite time of year. I know for many it is a time of relaxation , of enjoying the splendors and beauty of the outdoors. However for me it has never been like that.

The joys of the season are there and I love the seasonal vegetables and the delicious fruits available but it does nothing for my 'soul'.

I ask you, can there be 'soul seasons?'
Well for me I think there can be. I know that I enjoy the blessings that are more available to me in Autumn and Winter so much more. I enjoy the closeness of home life as we spend more time together indoors, and while we do not have the bitterly cold and snowy weather aspects of my northern friends, for me it is a rejuvenating time of year.

Just the darkness and the early in-side time that can then be highlighted by firelight and candlelight bring such peace of spirit to me. I find I am actually much more creative and active with projects than in the Summer months, not that it gets very hot at all where we live. In fact most of the time it isn't even hot enough to go swimming, but the 'summer aspect' is still there.

Every summer as we have Christmas it just doesn't seem right to not have the 'typical northern hemisphere winter' to celebrate with. In fact it is harvest season for us with so many vegetables and fruits that it all has to fit around the Christmas season too.
It is too much of a mixture for my senses.

The Autumn season with it's start of colder and more breezy weather sets my heart at peace. I know we are about to embark upon a journey that I delight in. Many of my favourite activities, reading to myself and aloud, sewing, hand crafts, even my beginner yarning skills just seem to be more natural in this environment.

Of course the cooler weather means more work in so many ways, not especially for me. Our wood supply has to be cut, chopped and delivered. Of course laundry tasks are harder to keep up with and food production, well need I say more.

But there is nothing sweeter than to sit down after a days work and enjoy the evening with family savouring in the home atmosphere and being nourished in my soul by the beauty of creativity.

So for me.....bring on Autumn....

Blessings to you and your homes,


simply Maria said...

Oh Gae...I understand completely.

But right now, here in the mountains, the sun is shinning and the presence of Spring can be felt everywhere...

I came home after a bit of shopping and changed into a Spring - like outfit, because the day is so warm and sunny.

We need these seasons to keeps us centered in a way.

It is not easy to have only one season all year round. We need the rest that Autumn and Winter brings. More time indoors to recoup and just be still, while the earth and its inhabitants settle down for the cold days ahead.

Then, after this quiet time, we are energized to begin anew. I love the seasons that Our Lord has gifted us with.


Cinnamon said...

Stopping by to catch up on you while I'm resting in bed.

Love the Valentines's fun, cookies and yummies! We missed Valentine's day so we're celebrating it next week after I'm up and around. I'm visiting blogs and getting their thank you for sharing yours :-)

I really will get to that's just taking longer than I excpected to be up and around.

hugs~ Cinnamon

Marla Grace said...

I love the change of seasons!Beautiful post!

Simply Be... said...

I'm an 'in-between-seasons' girl!
Summer drains me and winter can be freezing here.
I am more energetic in milder temps.
But I love the changes each season brings for the unique beauty in nature. One of the things we were so glad to experience here in the Central Tablelands, was 4 distinct seasons! And with the English trees around us we see such lovely colours return year aftger year. Beautiful! And so is snuggling up beside a woodfire on a cold wintry night!
bless you dear friend..Trish

Sue Elvis said...

We live in a area known for its autumnal delights. Many people from Sydney visit for the weekend just to see the changing colours of the trees, experience the crisp mornings, sunny days, and the evenings which just might be chilly enough to light a wood fire. I was feeling sad about the cooler weather approaching but now after reading your post Gae, I am looking forward to autumn. Thank you.


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