Saturday, March 5, 2011

Felt Madi Gras Masks (or other occasion)

Just a quick post on making masks for Mardi Gras next week.
We have in the past made them out of paper and paper machie, and paper plates.

Today as I was planning for lent and doing our Lenten Roundup Corbyn came to me asking me to make him a mask like the Moran and Myffwyn had.
They had been given masks for St Nicholas Day last year and were dressing up in them and he wanted one too.

So I traced the pattern in paper and then cut one for him and Arwen out of felt and simply put an elastic tie on them.
Paper mask and Arwen's cut out of felt
Corbyn's with elastic attached
Masks in place for playing pretend
As I was making them I though with a little decoration, ie sequins they would make excellent Mardi Gras masks. So we will be making these next week for our Masks instead of the paper plate ones I was planning.
Arwen actually didn't like hers down
For the Mardi Gras ones I will also make a double layer and sew together as I think they will sit just that little bit better.
Dryad Moran in her tree
All our Dryads and Elves together
The children then played Dryads and Moth Elves in the  trees for some time.
Corbyn in the tree too
Just a quick note: Obviously these can be used for any type of occasion where children want masks. I would recommend gluing the elastic with a tab  rather than a hole punch and tying as this will make them more durable too.
this is how we will make ours for Mardi Gras .....I will show how when we do them next week

Have a great weekend everyone ♥

Blessings to you and your homes,


noreen said...

Hi Gae, I love the creative imagination of your children! And I admire your crafting ability!

Gae said...

Dear Noreen,
Thank you for your kind comment, I am always thankful for feedback


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