Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Neverending Mending Basket

 Do any of you have one of these?

A never ending mending basket!
I seem to have one that is a constant feature in my sewing corner or anywhere else I can put it and not have it look at me on a daily basis.
If something needs fixing I would say to the child, "Put it in the mending basket" and sad to say there it would stay.

Over time I would occasionally get this wonderful opportunity for therapeutic recreation out and start to fix a few odd things, but invariably I would run out of time to get most of it done and it would be relegated back to the corner from which it could be not seen.
Out of sight out of mind is my mending basket's motto.

Yesterday as someone had rearranged my sewing area this mystical being reemerged in to my line of sight. Right then and there I resolved to take care of it.

My resolve actually consisted of the fact that as I honestly think it has been two years since this current basket was created, that obviously anything in it that needed fixing was not of high importance to anyone.

So today I got it down from the loft and decided that I would be very drastic and non sentimental about items in the basket. If it was going to take too long or be too difficult to mend it would be made into rags or thrown out.

So this afternoon I started. I finished sorting and cutting items to be mended into other garments. I was relieved to be finally doing this, but once again I was prevented from finishing the task by the challenges of daily living....feeding and loving my family.

Tomorrow I am resolved to finish the task so I can have this burden lifted from my shoulders. I am sure that I can then have an actual mending basket that I can sit around in the evenings, like in many a good story book and mend those precious clothes for my family.

So I would love to hear from you. How do you cope with your mending baskets?

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the never ending mending basket. Well, actually my idea to tackle this one is not my own. I read the book, "Large Family Logistics (which I really like) and she sets aside a day of the week for laundry day (she is a mother of 9 and homeschools) She still does laundry everyday, but on this particular day it is devoted to all things related to laundry mending and such. She prepares even meals ahead so she is not taken away from that task.

I understand about being pulled away. Yesterday, I was desperately trying to catch up with my laundry (there is a stomach bug going around here) and it seemd like every 5 minutes someone needed me!I want to be there for the children...but I needed to get this laundry done (or we would have the vomitous mass living with us!).

Perhaps, your older girls can help mend? You can play audio story tapes or a movie and all sit down with a cup o' tea and mend away and just eat sandwiches for meals? Let me know what works for you I always like ideas!

Kim said...

I have one. It .... is buried. I blame absolutely no space for any kind of sewing, no space for sewing things to be spread out and where little hands can't hurt themselves with things like scissors, pins, needles, or my machine. Every now and then I purge it - somethings go as rags, or are recycled into the basket. When we move, oh; it will be marvelous: more space! :D

Amy Caroline said...

I guess I am lucky that my mother in law loves to sew! She tends to jump on it and I never really have to do anything other that a few lost buttons!

Erin said...

I confess to be grateful when children have outgrown items in the mending basket so I don't have to men

Gina said...

I do not have a mending basket but I love the thought of it. With just my husband and me at home now, the mending pile is very small (thankfully)!

Have a lovely evening, Gae.



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