Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crack Me Eggs...............

One of the most favourite activities our children did in preparation for Easter Day was to make Crack Me Eggs.
We really thought they would be fun and reality they were.
These ceratinly will be a new tradition to our family's Easter preparations.

First off you need to crack some eggs open. Autumn did this part by cutting the top off the egg and we then used the three dozen eggs for omelets that night.
Then we dipped, really soaked the eggs a few at a time in hot water red food colouring. We tried to do other colours but we only had brown eggs to work with.

I am DETERMINED  to get some white eggs for Easter nest year. Each year I remember that brown eggs are so HARD to dye or decorate unless you cover them completely in acrylic paint.
I think white eggs must be a non Australian thing.

We then let them dry on skewers in  florists foam.
After drying we then put them  back in the egg cartons upside down ready for the little ones to fill
The children took turns, individually, (yes I am learning to be more clever in this) to fill the eggs with a selection of chocolate sultanas, bullets and Skittles.
Arwen  was helped  by Autumn, who was a major help and instigator in this activity.
Corbyn couldn't help but fill his mouth as well as the eggs. Well we all had a little nibble too!
Myffwyn's eggs were filled right to the brim. She really enjoyed putting lots of variety in hers.
We gave them each a row to do so there was no arguing.
Vellvin and Rogan did the last few and once again put heaps in.
We then glued on small cup cake paper pans that had been cut down on the open end, to seal the eggs.
After this we stuck on  paper that said "crack me" ready for Easter.
When we were ready to crack them I put them on  a tray, mainly  to gather up the remains.
 One of the eggs cracked open by a fist.
 Kynan having his turn. I love that he still wants to join in all the fun activities.
 Another egg with the goodies within.
They goodies were actually quite easy to get out of the shards of egg shells. They didn't get mixed up at all, which had been my only concern.

Needless to say the children ALL had a great time smashing the eggs into smithereens.

Like I said the children are very keen to add this to our traditions for future use, so here we start a new family tradition.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Sue Elvis said...

Hi Gae, this looks like fun. I shall have to remember this for next year. Our big kids, like yours, were just as keen to get involved with the Easter traditions as the younger ones. It's good to see, isn't it?

Trish said...

What a great idea, Gae!
It actually reminds me of the red eggs we crack with our Greek Orthodox friends - except there's only hardboiled egg to eat afterwards.
bless you..Trish

Kendra said...

Okay, now that's an interesting take on it! I've seen it where people fill them with confetti and glitter and then crack them atop each other's heads, but I'm always convinced we'll do a Ramona and mix in a raw egg.. Goodies inside sounds a lot better!

Gae said...

Dear Sue,
Yes I still love it when everyone joins in.
Dear Trish,
We had plans to make those as well but I got to tired. We love the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding for that, we watch it every Easter just to see it.
Dear Kendra,
We have an audio tape that does this for Carnival time...just can't think of the name now. Great series though. Classical Kids maybe??


Kim said...

Love it! I am going to have to give this a shot next year!

Anonymous said...

Oh Gae I think our Pascal would really love this acivity very much !
My dh Bob would be very happy if we could always have brown eggs ☺


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