Friday, April 29, 2011

The Gift of Friendship

Today I received in the mail a beautiful package from a very dear friend. Rox has become a wonderful friend I have made through this medium of blogging.

Isn't the gift just so beautiful? The letter was personal  and homely (just what I love) and the aroma from the candles was heavenly as I opened the parcel.  I have them near me know as I type this up, bringing to mind the treasured friendship that has come from Rox and others I now know.

When I started blogging over 2 years ago now, Rox was one of the first people who followed my blog. At that time I was very inexperienced in the ways of computers and all the accompanying gadgetry and not at all sure I had anything to offer in the blogging world.

Through blogging, social networks and email groups and later on Facebook I have come to know some wonderful ladies who I would consider kindred spirits. With a few I have exchanged the old fashioned type letters and gotten to know even better.

I still find it difficult to understand how some people still insist on the fact that due to it's electronic focus that blogging or FB or even social network groups cannot create REAL friendships.

I say this from personal experience....... I believe it can. That some of the dearest friends I have made in my life have been from initial phone friendships and now blogging.

Some of these friends I have met with and some I will never meet in person due to the vast oceans of water that are between us. But I still know that I can rely on these friends to pray for me, encourage me and to just be who they are.... as I am me.

In days gone past many friendships and romances were conducted by 'snail mail' and were true relationships. I just really can't see why the modern system we have can not be viewed as the same.

However, I as a relatively isolated person am VERY, VERY grateful for those wonderful women who have become near and dear to me. I treasure the trust and the gift of friendship that I have with them.

So I would just like to say to anyone else, don't be shy, open up and let others be gifted by who you are and what opportunities you may have to develop true friendships and kindred spirits, perhaps even with people you wouldn't have thought of.

I have never regretted it and I am sure you won't either.

 Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a joy to meet so many wonderful ladies.

Gae, what are you doing awake at this time? You are to be resting dear friend...

Mrs. M.

GrandmaK said...

So very nice!!! Have a wonderful day! Cathy

Sisterbrenda said...

Very nice gift.. Thanks for sharing with us. I enjoy your blog very much.. I've tried many times to get my blog all pretty don't know how?? Is there a place to go and learn how to do it.. Thanks. Be blessed.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Always lovely to receive letters and gifts by mail. I don't do any other social networking, but I have been blogging for two years now and absolutely love it. I am such a homebody and somehow writing things to me is more meaningful than sometimes the spoken word. I've made some lovely friends through blogging and met one such lady last summer. What fun that was! So many others are doing the same. Encouragement and positivity have been my experience with blogging and that's a wonderful thing. :) Best wishes, Tammy

Emily of A Beautiful Life said...

I feel the same way! My dearest and closest friends have been through blogging! It is a way to connect throughout the world and find like-minded friends. It is a blessing! And, nothing compares to snail mail letters! I am so glad we are pen friends!!! :)

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

A lovely gift for a lovely lady.
I am SO blessed to be one of your friends...and...I do believe...a kindred spirit, for sure! Put your feet up, sit back, relax...light those pretty candles from Rox...and know that even across vast oceans of water...YOU ARE LOVED!

rox said...

Gae You are so sweet ☺
I was shocked when I looked at my googler reader and saw the photo !
Gae it looks so beautiful in the photo ! lol I am such a sucker for smelly stuff . always smelling the roses I guess .
I am so excited about the baby !

Tiffany said...

Beautiful post Gae! I totally agree. I have met some lovely ladies through my short time blogging. Hope you've gotten your winning book that I sent by now:-) God Bless!

rox said...

Gae I forgot to say that all my bestest Christian mum friends I met online ! Some going on now for almost 15 yrs now ! These relationships have kept me close to Our Lord so often I cannot stress how valuable all You Gals are to me .I beleive people are truely gifts of God for each other
I'm very happy to call you friend Gae ☺

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, I have met some lovely ladies on the bloggy world (including you!). Everyday I am encouraged by all of these ladies.

I feel sometimes isolated myself so I call my bloggy world my "little visits".

fialka012 said...

❤ ✿ ❤

Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

You already know I heartily agree with you, dear Gae!
Not only have I found lovely friends but true sisters in Christ - like you!
What a wonderful blessing from our Lord :-)
Your gift from Rox is beautiful my friend..enjoy!
love in Jesus..Trish


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