Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Corbyn!

How does one describe our little Corbyn?

Perhaps you could imagine Tigger crossed with a lightning bolt and you may begin to get a handle on our little bundle of energy.

He has the most charming smile though and the hugs and kisses he gives are beyond comparison. They are gifts freely given and a wonder to receive. 

He abounds in joy and happiness that bring light to any sort of day!

Happy Birthday to our precious gift that we are so blessed to have....
Happy Birthday dear little Corbyn!

All our love always,


noreen said...

Hi Gae, happy birthday to your little guy Corbyn! Is he your youngest?

ccc said...

Also, a Happy Birthday to the momma! It's your day too! You gave birth on that happy day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you and your precious gift! May Our Lord continue to bless both of you :=)

Mrs. M.

Autumn said...

Happy Birthday Corbyn!!!!!
love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have many,many more!
God bless,


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