Sunday, April 10, 2011

I wish I Had a Pirate Suit!!

Some children's books are classics and I think we have many that are.
However some are just fun to read and strike the imagination of children and these are special indeed.

I wish I had a Pirate Suit by Pamela Allen is one that has been popular with most of our children, although I am sure it was Autumn who loved it the most......up until now that is.

Every time we went to the library Autumn would get it out and as we moved around from town to town not every library had it. Woe is me.

Last year I found a copy at our Woolworth's and quickly snaffled it up. Once again it is a loved an well read story in our home.
The difference this time is that Corbyn actually has a Pirate Suit.

The story is based around a younger brother wanting the pirate suit that his older brother has, the younger brother is the 'only crew' to the older brother and isn't so keen on being so.
So after reading this story aloud many times the other day Corbyn wanted to be the Pirate in the book and got dressed up. Interestingly enough Myffwyn wanted to be "the only crew."
The game progressed from there and they found a little suitcase to be the treasure box and buried it in clover. By this time Arwen wanted to be part of the action, although she still is the Eloise Wilkin girl!
I had to watch them un-bury their treasure so they could show me what was inside this great treasure chest. Of course you would expect to find some Potato Crisps wouldn't you? But they were so excited to have this little special edible item that hey shared them out between them till the treasure was all gone. It was so very sweet to see.

It is times like these that I am so glad that books and the imagination of our children seem to go hand in hand. What a wonderful gift for them to experience the reading together and then being able to enjoy the play that results from this time.

Memories like these are so special to have. I am indeed honoured and blessed to be part of them!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of imagination...nothing like it :-)

Mrs. M.


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