Sunday, April 3, 2011

Suffering Quote................

I just had to share the quote from this morning's sermon---

'Suffering is inevitable BUT misery is optional'
not a bad motto to live by.
We all have many sufferings that we have in our lives but how we deal with the suffering  is what   can impact or influence others.

Praying I can respond with joy and peace in my own life.

Have a blessed Sunday to all....

Blessings to you and your homes,


hip-chick said...

love this quote!

Anonymous said...

oh Gae...again you are such a blessing to me!


ccc said...

Thanks for sharing that quote. What a great one!

rox said...

Thanks Gae ! I was just mediating on how we live in a world where people have filled thier lives with all sortf ways to avoid pain .in the end they end up leading such pretend lives too because that suffering is part of life we will always encounter suffering and feel pain .
I also do not get those who feel the need to inflict suffering when it exists for real anyway .
humans are kind of strange are we not .
Gae I just read the most wonderful book about Mother Antonia .what a story of inspiration !! she is like an Irish saint in Mexico ☺


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