Friday, May 20, 2011

Patience v's Waiting

Patience is such a wonderful virtue isn't it?

Well I guess it does depend on your perspective.
Sometimes I think I am a very patient person and at other times I KNOW I am not.

Obviously waiting for this new little dumpling to arrive has been a continued effort in patience for me. However I find  that as I am able to overcome the waiting most days the fact some of those those dearest to me, the children are even less patient than I.

After my Dr visit yesterday and the news that we had been expecting (due to a previous Dr on Monday) that we would be meeting our little one on Friday (today if he or she had not arrived) the news of this new date 23rd May was quite unsettling to the children especially.

So my pondering thoughts on this and patience is: that even if we ourselves can be patient it is often harder for those around  us who are anticipating  a much looked forward event that this can then lead to anxiety and impatience. Which in turn can re-alter our own perspective.

Also I think there is a difference between waiting and waiting patiently!!!

Sometimes I also think this is not just the virtue of patience but the value we have placed on the thing we are waiting for.

The more intensly you desire the event/ item to arrive the more store you place upon this. This is where it is harder to have faith that God is control of all situations and that at the right time all will happen.

It is these situations that can be so devestating when it doen't happen when we are expecting it to. Over the last couple of years we have experienced this over and over, and it is hard not to become despondent when a new opportunity arrises and then does not progress to completion.

Patience is an everyday life goal, not daily even sometimes but hourly.

I know that it is the more these event/items that I have more trouble with.

I think over the years I have become more patient with those everyday situations of dealing with children and the life style we have. The little things I can give to God to help me with.

It is the major events in our lives I have trouble handing over, usually because I want them so much, not just for me but for our family as well.

So for the last few days of this pregnancy I will try to leave it in God's hands and be faithful to that, and in my own way help those special anxious brothers and sisters to be  reach that place too.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Oh Gae...waiting is so hard, isn't it? And even harder to explain to little ones.

But He demands patience for a reason. The event becomes so much precious once it your case - your adorable baby :)

Praying that you are feeling rested and comfortable dear friend.

Embrace His blessings,

Mrs. M.

ccc said...

I know how hard it is!
All my babies came after their due dates--my last one was 11 days past!
Once the baby is here--one forgets the long wait!
Take care.

Gardenia said...

Gae, you must be bursting with anticipation and joy and it must be so hard to offer it all up for patience ! God bless.

Simple Wife~Trish said...

Sooo.. you're still here, huh?!
Well my friend, I guess this means your prayer for Stephen to be home with you has been answered!
And you get a little more time to finish anything you are still preparing for baby :-)
I understand the kids being impatient though- it's hard enough for us 'oldies' lol!
And yes..patience is a great virtue.
But we only get it by more and more practise!
Hang in there, won't be long now :-)

Deanne said...

And if baby arrives on the 22nd you will have two birthdays to celebrate!!!

GrandmaK said...

I fear I am one who is short on patience most times...And only one of the 5 came early and he arrived on my birthday! Wishing you well! Cathy

Emily Fay said...

Patience certainly is a virtue! I think we live in such a "microwave society" wanting everything now - that patience has been lost! What an inspiring post! :)


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