Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tea it!

Over the years I have had the comments about not going out for coffee and cake at a coffee shop, and how sad this was for me to miss out on, due to my full time commitment to being home with our children. However I have never thought this a great loss and I think the cakes, deserts and coffee are often overrated (and over priced) compared to what we produce at home.

However I do enjoy spending time with our girls  (and our boys when they are interested) over coffee and tea companionship together. This week however we were blessed with a little more specialness in our tea time treat.
On Saturday afternoon the girls and I had the privilege of having Bernadette over for  a girls Tea Time together.
Bernadette has been wanting to participate in our Orchard House Circle, which sadly we haven't been having lately, for some time.

As Bernadette works during the day and evenings are difficult we decided on Saturday afternoon to have this girly time together.
Stephen together with Saxon and Rogan took our little ones out on an outing to the playground with a  McDonald's ice cream for a treat.
We had the most wonderful time!!

We each of us worked on various projects we have been doing.
Bernadette was knitting some surprise booties for a special little guest arriving soon.
I worked on my crocheting of granny squares and my embroidered singlets.
Autumn was working on her knitted scarf
Eden worked on her embroidered table runner
Vellvin was casting off her knitting. She is a beginner knitter and after me casting on 25 stitches she managed to add another 100 stitches!!!!!!!
We had made some delectable goodies to eat as well.

Vanilla cake with cream and strawberries
Cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese or mayonnaise
A custard tart .......bought I am afraid
Of course we had a most entertaining time talking about this and that and just   spending the time un-interrupted by our most adoring little ones.

These are the days that I cherish, spending time with those I love and care about. Sharing the process of depending relationships with those who are like minded.

I especially love the relationship I have with our daughters as they grow and mature. The emerging, more adult relationship as they continue to spend time developing skills and communication with me.

Is there anything more special than this in the role of a mother?

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

What a lovely time you must have had together! Such happy faces. :-)
I agree, tea rooms are way over-priced here as well. It's so much more comfortable at home. :-)
Blessings to you,
Anne ♥

Life In a Little House said...

Wow that looks like a wonderful time together ~Happy Mother's Day ~Love Heather

Erin said...

Did Bernadette enjoy it?

Anonymous said...

how fun!! I use to try to get together with a girlfriend at night for a coffee date, but even that proved hard to get to, this is an even better idea.

Kendra said...

How fun!

4kids1mom said...

Tea and cucumber sandwiches! How fun, and very yummy! My oldest daughter, Anna, and I have decided to have a regular tea time together. We found some adorable tea cups and saucers at our local Goodwill that we cleaned up. She's only 9 - but loves all things girly and I am very excited to start this new tradition with her. ~Denise

Bernadette said...

I only just found these comments :) Hi Erin, yes it was such a lovely afternoon, and I hope that as the weather improves and little Trahaearn gets bigger and more settled, that we can do it again.


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