Monday, May 9, 2011

Rogan's Birthday in Pictures

Dare I suggest that life has been busy since Rogan's Birthday.

The countdown to this birthday has been a long we would hear about for a long time previous to the actual day.
To say we had a very excited 11 year old boy would be an understatement.
I was very blessed this birthday especially as I had a lot of help from the older children in getting things ready. I know I was extremely tired and just wouldn't have been able to do it if not for the help of the children.
I guess having party bags to fill as the last thing is a bit of an inspiration to children to stay up with me, I am quite insistent these are the last thing to do....I think it is a clever strategy really.
Rogan was very keen to get the older children up, which they really weren't as keen on, having been up late the night before.
Compared to Corbyn's birthday bag Rogan's seemed quite empty. However I think that is a natural part of the children getting older. The younger children seem to have lots of bulkier and not so expensive gifts while as they get older the gifts they prefer tend to increase in price too.
The best present according to him was the camera we bought him. It is a real, not a toy one and I am sure it takes better pictures than mine. He has taken some lovely pictures of nature that I am keen to share with you as well. He has the makings of a great photographer I think!
Rogan was very keen to have St Kevin of Ireland for his saint this year as he was another 'animal loving saint', which are very high on Rogan's list.
As I know I will be busy with the new baby I also painted both Moran's and Myffwyn's saints in preparation for their birthdays.
Rogan was keen to have another snake cake, he  had a different type of snake cake than when he turned 9.
It seems take away is the thrill of the moment and Rogan wanted to have Chinese for his dinner. I think the last time we had take away Chinese must have been about 4 years ago for Eden's birthday.
We actually went to Mass first after my first roster at the piety shop before hand and then went to the Chinese restaurant to get take away to bring home to share together.
This was our last night together with Kynan before he went back to University on the Sunday, so we were very pleased to have this time to celebrate with him.
Rogan I think was very happy with his birthday and was very happy with the food, presents and cake......well I am mostly sure that is.

Of course we are working towards Moran's birthday soon and the baby's arrival. Which will make three May birthday's for us.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...


It sounds like your son Rogan had a very nice birthday. I like the snake cake. Did you make that?

I also like the fact that you make each of your children's birthdays a special time. What a wonderful Mother you are for doing this. :)


-L. Rose

Anonymous said...

God bless,
Anne ♥

Anonymous said...

Hww are you feeling these days Miss Gae? I feel like I am about to POP! Checking in on your lovely blog and to see how you are! God bless.

Gae said...

Dear Anne and Lady Rose,
Thank you for your lovley comments on Rogan's birthday. He loved them too

Dear Josette,
Yes I am ready for our little one to come,partly to ease the pain I have at the moment, but just anxious to share in thie little ones life with us.

Blessings to you all this week

Autumn said...

He has such a happy face.


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