Friday, June 10, 2011

A Sweet Cocoon ♥

Have you ever seen anything so cute as this?

Well maybe you have but I am very biased and think our little Trahaearn is the cutest guy ever all rugged up in his bunny rug.
I still remember wrapping our first born up in his little bunny rugs and how sweet he looked then too.

Each of  our babies have used the original ones we had for Kynan and we have had a couple more added to our collection since.

We wrap our babies for at least three months in this very snug little wrap. We use the flannel blankets for most of them, as really most of our babies have been born in colder months.

As we have had only  4 of our 12 babies born in warmer months I actually struggled until Arwen was born and we were able to get muslin wraps with keeping our babies snug and yet cool. We did try cotton sheets with our others three but they really can't compare with the muslin.

I do believe the babies feel so much more secure wrapped up in these little cocoon type wrappings. Over the years though I have had to endure the comments about putting our babies in straight jackets and how mean it is to  keep them so confined.

It hasn't changed my opinion on wrapping babies though and I will continue to wrap our little dumpling up until he gives indications that he has outgrown this stage of his very young life.

I would be interested in hearing your own stories of whether you have wrapped your own babies and the reasons why or why not!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

In my country, we wrap babies until they are two to three months old.

Wrapping children makes them feel safe and secure. They continue to grow while they are in their nests.

It is also a great tactic to use on autistic children...they need the comfort of a blanket or a strong hug to set them to rights. - but only the ones that allow touch.

Have a blessed weekend Gae :-D

Marla Grace said...

Congratulations Gae on your newest little one. He is beautiful. yes , I wrap my babies! Love it! You amaze me! Love your blog! Blessings, Marla. Take care of yourself!

Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

Hi Gae,
I wrapped my boys up snuggly too.
It helps infants to settle and it's so much easier to carry them too. My boys were born in May and March so they enjoyed being cosy in their bunny rugs.
I was taught to wrap up one arm completely and leave the other just very slightly freer.
Your photo brings back such sweet memories for me...sigh!
How I wish I had a little bundle to cuddle again!!

Anonymous said...

Oh he's so cute!!
Yes, I wrapped my babies too. Most of mine were summer babies and were wrapped in a cotton blanket. I think they feel more secure and contented that way. :-)
Enjoy your weekend!
God bless,
Anne ♥

Hollinger Family said...

Indeed, we wrap our babies. They sleep so much better that way. And yes, he looks very precious! It makes me wanna hold him. *grin*
Blessings, Sheri

Anonymous said...


What a sweet little cocoon you have! :)

I've actually never seen babies wrapped in blankets like you have done with your baby. It looks like a good way to keep them safe, secure, and warm. I always learn something new at your blog! :)


-L. Rose

Erin said...

We wrap our babies, rugs in winter, muslin in summer. Sebastian hates having his arms in though, he fights until he gets them out. I try to remember to put socks on off a night otherwise his little hands are like ice. I also like babies to have beanies on in winter, and always socks even on most days in summer. I've just asked my mum to crochet S a beanie as all his are cotton.

Anonymous said...

I swaddle my babies in finely knitted woollen shawls. Always have and always will. Light wool stretches and breathes, is cosy and smells deliciously of tiny baby. Gill :)

noreen said...

Well, I wrapped my son up in a blanket nice and snug. I too, think they feel secure when bundled up. He looks quite happy with his cocoon!


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