Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Winter Themes in Our Home

 As we truly come into Winter today with very cold winds and snow on the higher peaks in the district around us
 I will be settling into our Winter Delights and am looking forward to making some berets for our girls as well as soon as I find some patterns.
The older girls enjoy wearing these to Mass on Sunday in place of Chapel Veils in the colder months so I am looking for a free on line pattern for our little girls to either knit or crochet.
Our Winter Seasons board is up!!
I haven't done a seasons board in months and am looking forward to adding little crafty paper items with the younger children. Snowflake cut outs, mini lanterns and some winter cards of snow children etc.
The Winter seasons table I hope will be getting some new additions of Winter Fairies and Winter landscape to add to the beauty. Even though my efforts to make Autumn additions did not happen and will have to wait for next year now.

I will be encouraging the children to also display their Winter finds on the nature table as well that I hope we will gather on some planned walks this season.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

I agree, it's definitely cold enough to swap lace chapel veils for berets lol!
I love your winter 'chimney folk'-they look quite cosy cuddled up together there.
Gae, I want to thank you for making my friend, Nellie feel so welcome!
I knew you would :-)
She has been my "sister-friend" for nearly 20 years. Closer than a best friend could ever be..a true sister of the heart.
Like you, she is a wonderful christian wife and mother and does a great job homeschooling her kids.
Well, I hope your wood problems get sorted very soon for you, my lovely friend!
We got a delivery just this evening and my goodness, did we need it!
You are in my prayers.
love in Jesus..Trish

ccc said...

It seems so strange to read of your weather being cold and snow. It's finally warm here in Michigan,USA and we are having a heat wave of temps in the 90's. We all are loving it after a very long winter.


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