Friday, July 15, 2011

Buster is Back!!!!

The children have done it again!!

Yes, once again we have a 'Buster.' Buster has made an appearance in our home for the third time now. Originally he was created by Kynan and Braedon after watching many episodes of Myth Busters and they 'tested' Buster with many weapons of mass destruction, well what ever they could find on hand to try new things to do with Buster.
 Over time Buster was used with great abandon and outlived his 'use by date'. I can't remember exactly when we had a 'Buster revival' but he once again was subjected to much 'love and care ' by our children.
 Yesterday we had a very bored Moran who was looking for someone to play with, as if we are short of playing people. Saxon obviously was struck with a great idea for he volunteered to play with her. He called on the help and assistance of the other little children and together they made 'Buster Mark III'
 It is encouraging to see the children work again together on a project that they were enjoying and Saxon was obviously using the leadership skills he has to keep it all together. Working on a project with lots of smaller helpers is not always a calm and peaceful project!
Interestingly enough the children wanted to hang Buster from a tree near our driveway so that Buster could be seen from the road. They hope that people driving by will see this man hanging from a tree and get a little, well excited.
I am fairly sure I have done a Buster post before with 'Buster Mark II" but am not sure what I titled it.
After buster had been placed, thrown up into the tree and tired off securely, he was very heavy as for his midsection a round of firewood was used to help pad him out as well as native grasses for padding. His head is only a tin can nailed on to a wooden neck and poor buster is losing his hair already, it being grass again. Anyway, the fun can now begin.
The shooting at Buster!!
See the arrow  sticking out from Buster's leg? He had that removed, none to gently by the surgeon, namely Saxon to then be re injured by the now non-surgeon but Robin Hood type Saxon.

Needlessly to say our children had a very fun and interesting time while I stayed inside cuddling our sweet baby and  reading a book!

 Blessings to you and your homes,


Erin said...

Oh I'm laughing:)Imagining the motorists reactions.
btw I don't remember a Buster post before

ccc said...

I love the idea of placing Buster near the road for others to see---sounds like something my kids would do!

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Gae,

Buster must provide lots of entertainment for people miles around! :) How nice to have such creative children; I'm sure there's never a dull moment at your place!



noreen said...

Gae, those pictures are a bit creepy. When I first glanced at them I thought it was a real person being hanged!! However, I knew you of all people would not be talking about a hanging that way!!

Gae said...

Dear Erin,
Autumn tells me I never did a post. It must be that he ahs been sucha part of life I remember it so vividely, lol
Dear CCC,
Yes I think our kids would get on great
Dear Marqueta,
We are blessed to have such creative children
Dear Noreen,
Sorry to creep you out! No it is only in fun that the children do this....never for real


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