Friday, July 22, 2011

Eden's Birthday in Pictures ♥

Well today we celebrated another birthday for our precious Eden
Sweet Sixteen and such  a lovely and talented young lady we have.
Today was one of those extra early birthdays that have to be started before Daddy and Braedon left for work. After a very late night, early morning to prepare for this day none of us were too keen to get up for this. Thus we had most of the birthday participants start off the celebrations in their included.
Eden has so many interests that cover a wide scope that she is easy to select gifts for. She has a unique style of her own and carries this off very well. One of her passions is drawing and then colouring in with watercolour pencils. Now you would think these would be easy to get, but oh, no watercolour pencils of any qualit,y let-a-lone high quality seem to be in very short supply.
This top picture Eden worked on today from start to finish. It is hard to see the tiny detail that she puts into ALL the pictures she draws. The one below is one she worked on yesterday. The slight glare is because she had just laminated them for a project she is working on  before I could take a photo....
And back to the pencil buying drama----This is the second year I have not been able to buy watercolour pencils  for the start of the school year for the children.Of course Eden had them on her birthday list again and  I finally located a set and bought one for Eden and one for us and as I type this up Eden is happily colouring in with her set.
As I said a very early start for all and we were very fortunate that the little ones made it through dinner and cake without any major meltdowns. However as we prayed the Rosary tonight we had all the little ones fall asleep, and some not so little ones.
It is becoming a tradition for the tea cup to arrive and we are collecting quite a cabinet full of them. Sadly we forgot to have a girls tea party when Anna-Lisa was visiting and her tea cup is still sitting in the cupboard- unused and neglected.
Eden was very thrilled to be able to get most of the things on her birthday list and some were second hand and most others were bought on sale......don't you love it when that happens?
This year Eden had a whole variety of cakes picked out her her special cake and even two days ago had a short list of only 4 of them. Finally she choose this Dragonfly and Butterfly cake in the shape of a number sixteen, which I was pleased to do as it was very easy. In fact the hardest part of it was trying to get the giant freckles for the dragonfly wings.
By the time cake comes around we have some very excited children who have watched the making and decorating of this most special time and are VERY keen to help demolish the hard work in preparing it.
And so to our special girl we wish you a very happy and blessed day. We hope you enjoyed all we were able to offer you and that your sixteenth birthday will be a memory you cherish.

We love you so much it is hard to say how much we value you in in our lives.
Just remember that we  love you sweetie ♥

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you Eden! I see that you are learning Spanish - wonderful - then we can converse :)

Many blessings to your day,


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Eden! Love the cake. :-)
God's blessings to you,

Gina said...

A belated Happy Birthday to your sweet Eden! I love her Narnia picture. I see Mr. Tumnus! :)

God bless you!



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