Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday Autumn ♥

Dear Darling Daughter,
You have always challenged the boundaries, even before you were born.
Not content to be born as most babies are you decided to be breech and thus introduce the word cesarean to my vocabulary.

In so many ways you have continued to strive for finding your own unique way of being you. You are not afraid to stand for what you believe and we admire that in you.....even if it challenges our own view on the world.

Now a young woman in every sense of the word you have so much opportunity to share the grace and beauty that God has given you. Remember to use these gifts to serve others and yet to remain true to your self.

May you have a beautiful day celebrating your 18th birthday.

We love you so much ♥


Anonymous said...

I hope your daughter Autumn has a wonderful birthday! :)

Also, how is your new little bundle of joy doing? I am sure he is just smiling and gurgling happily all over the place! :)

Autumn said...

Dear Mummy,
Thanks. And just a little mental health awareness for you: If it wasn't for your beliefs in children, I wouldn't be here!!!!! I love you!

Eden said...

she will have a great day mummy

Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

Many happy birthday wishes to lovely Autumn!!
May the Lord give her a wonderful day full of joy and blessings!!
love in Jesus..Trish

Vicky said...

Happy birthday to Autumn! I hope you all have a truly blessed day:)

(Thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement on my portrait blog, Autumn. It is so kind of you to leave your feedback and I really appreciate your contribution:)

Sue Elvis said...

Happy Birthday, Autumn!

Gae, you have reached a milestone with another child entering adulthood. Enjoy the birthday celebrations. God bless.

Leanne said...

Happy Birthday Autumn, Many Blessings on your birthday.

Erin said...

Happy B'day Autumn:)

Vellvin said...

Happy Birthday Big Sister!!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

A very happy birthday and many blessings to you Autumn!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Autumn!
Beautiful words from Mummy. :-)

noreen said...

Hi Gae, happy birthday to your beautiful daughter Autumn! You have one little one at home and one entering adulthood. You could write a book on parenting at each developmental level!

Gae said...

Thank you to all your wishes for Autumn, she had a great day and I will be posting pictures soon


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