Friday, July 8, 2011

Autumn's Birthday in Pictures

Celebrating another birthday sometimes seems like it will be the same thing over and over, but I am pleasantly surprised that each one is different.
There was every potential that Autumn's birthday would be different, partly because it was her 18th and partly because we were making a theme for the day. Oh and well it was Autumn and if you know her well, you would expect something a little more unusual.
Staying up very late the night before birthdays to prepare for them is a standard feature in our home. Every time I think if I just get organised earlier I will get in bed before 3 am the next morning.
Autumn wanted instead of a Saint like the other children but a bible heroine this time. She has held a long time  devotion to Esther and so this was the peg doll I made.
Shhhhhhhh......Don't tell but I was very keen to have her for my birthday but knew she wanted her so I asked for a different one.
I did watch The Phantom of the Opera with some of the older children while painting the saint and making the crown and of course, filling the party bags........dare I suggest that it was a little creepy and I thought the heroine a little disturbed but the music was beautiful.
So we had a very excited 18 year old on the morning of her birthday. This was actually an added excitement after her big weekend away at The Thomas More Center Black Tie Ball.
This was the first ball that Autumn has had the opportunity to go to and she had a marvelous time shopping for a dress (the dress is featured on her birthday post) on Saturday with a lovely friend and her brother.
It seems to be a tradition that tea cups are very big in the life of our girls now and this one sis most beautiful, one of the four I had shown the girls I liked in fact as possible for my birthday!
One of the characteristics of Autumn is that she loves to get Autumn themed things. I probably started this when for her first birthday we got her the Autumn season of Brambly hedge crockery.
A new arrangement for the birthday ring that I enjoyed setting up.
Autumn wanted the traditional Yule Log cake that we have for New Year as her cake, and I made it in a  rose formation which I was so pleased with how it look. I am not sure if I have posted how me make this before but it is very simple.
It does not look as good with the chocolate cream on top BUT it tasted fantastic.
Here are a few photos of our Gangsters as this was the theme for Autumn's birthday.
I am going to post our planning and decorating for this party in a separate post.
The children had great fun dressing up and setting up our home with the ideas we had and I had a great time making wanted posters for each of us.
Here is our birthday gangster girl..........
Our little girls were a little tired by the time we got around to photos
Happy Birthday to our special 18 year old girl
Of course even if you are 18 you still like to lick the cream of the candles as they come out of the cake and you actually get to lick more of them the older you get........there has to be a bonus in that, right!!
Singing the Happy Birthday song the children made up with actions
And our  very lovely and special birthday girl...........
I hope you had a beautiful day and that you had all the joy you could wish dear Autumn ♥

Blessings to you and your homes,


Erin said...

Beautiful pics of a very special day! I can't get over how much Saxon and Corbyn have grown.

Autumn said...

I had a great day Mum1

Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

Looks like a wonderful celebration, Gae!
I want to apologise for not posting my Hearts for home for this week.
I've been unwell and actually forgot to get a post ready.
I should be back on board next week.

Meg Issacs said...

Thank you for the follow, I am following you back :) Your blog is lovely and you have a beautiful family! I agree with you on your opinion of Phantom of the Opera, wonderful music, slightly creepy.

Have a very blessed day!
Meg <><

PS. You probably get questions like this a lot... but how do you have time to blog with 12 children?! I only have 2 (a 2 year old and a 1 year old) and I have a hard time fitting a shower in my day! Im praying asking God to help me better manage my time here at home, but my... I am so busy!

Ellen said...

What a lovely party! Thanks so much for stopping by our blog ( Have a wonderful weekend!

LifeTwins&dramaQueen said...

The cakes look yummy!! Thanks for visiting my blog returning the love.

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

GREAT birthday pics..... I am following you back. Check out my blog today as I have A GIVEAWAY.... said...

Lovely birthday pics and happy birthday to your daughter! :)

Following you back from, thanks for stopping by and following!

Jenny at dapperhouse said...

Hello Gae,

Your blog is SO see how you and your family live in a far away place and so content with so many children in your close and happy family. I cant wait to read more of your blog...exciting and educational too! (I also love the book The Snowy Day)I am going to follow your other "learning" blog as well. Following you back.
jenny at dapperhouse

ShyBabies said...

looks like you guys had a blast!

Kendra said...

Happy belated Birthday Autumn! :)

The cake looked scrumptious!


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