Saturday, July 9, 2011

Making Time!

As I was busy doing other things today our dear Myffwyn came up to me gave me a bi hug and said 'can you do something  with me please?'
Well as I just basked in the love I felt from this special little girl I said to her  "what would you like to do?" but still thinking of the many chores and activities still to be completed, and the fact I had just gotten Trahaearn to sleep and thus had some 'clear time' so to speak.

However I looked into those loving and trusting eyes as she answered "can you do some drawing with me....some chalk drawing' and knew that this was one of those moments I am always talking about- those family moments that build memories and I knew I would draw with her.
I also knew that my drawings would not be great, in fact my drawings are barely passable, but I also knew Myffy would love them because we had done them together and this was more important than  all the other things that NEEDED doing. What really needed doing was the bonding time with my  little girl.

 The wonderful advantage of doing creative activities with one child is that I know that the other children benefit from this. As soon as Moran and Corbyn saw us drawing together they decided it was much more fun than what they had been playing previously.
Our Playground - with all the family
 The interesting aspect of this was the way they both chose chalk. Corbyn would only use blue and green because pink is a girl colour and he couldn't use it AT ALL. Moran chose the pink colour and used it a lot because she preferred it to the others. They did manage to use half the board each, for a time anyway, and drew their own pictures rather than the joint effort Myffy and I were doing.

The drawing session lasted only about 30 mins but at the end of that time I was thrilled that Myffy was so happy to have spent that time with me and after we packed up the chalk and the boards she held my hand as we went off to tend to the other mundane tasks, and me how did I feel now, well my smile said it all I think.

I was one happy mummy!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Just Mom's Blog said...

I love your blog! Thanks for visiting my blog, following me, and inviting me to yours. I am a new follower.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you made some great memories with your daughter.

When I used to work with children, I wasn't very good with chalk drawing either. However,the children always seemed to enjoy it, and their pictures were always so creative and colorful.


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