Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Birthday Fairies came for a visit...............

 Last month was the official day of my birthday, however I was not keen to celebrate it then as both our older boys were away from home on the day.
Seriously I would rather wait the extra weeks as I have and have the complete family for a celebration, it does not seem the same with out everyone. I guess though there will be a time sadly the day will come though when the children can't all be together to celebrate special occasions
I love that the traditions I have made for our family the children are keen to do for me as well. Eden, Vellvin and Anna-Lisa (Braedon's special girl) made me the crown and decorated it and Eden painted my saint St Zita.
I have a passion for tea cups that I am only just now being able to fulfil. This lovely Royal Dalton one was another find at the antique store we regularly go to. The girls remembered it from when I spotted it last time we visited there.
I was quite over whelmed when Anna-Lisa presented this pillow case she had sewed and embroidered for me. I was not expecting anything from her and this was extra special as it is hand made from her.
I have a love of oil lamps and they are hard to find so once again I spotted this one also last time and showed the girls, of course they remembered and wanted to get it for me as well.

I had a very beautiful day with a visit from some old friends as they passed through and the children made a wonderful dinner and a Taramisu Cake as well as these gifts pictured. I was surprised to see that I will be getting some IOU's as well.

I actually can't wait to get the 6 chickens and chicken coop that will be arriving soon as well as the three books that should arrive soon. These are books I have been waiting a while for -
The Penderwicks At Point Mouette
Artisian Bread in Five Minutes a Day
Growing up Sew Liberated

So I had one very fantastic and spoiled day by my dear husband and children.
Thank you to my dear birthday fairies  ♥

Blessings to you and your homes,


Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

Many, many birthday blessings to you dear Gae!!
Your gifts are lovely and your sweet family is very thoughtful to have given you such beautiful presents!
I love the teacup set and can't wait to see some pics of your chooks :-)
Sounds like you had a wonderful day - just as you deserve!

Erin said...

Happy Belated Birthday:) I LOVE your present list, great gifts! I really want to catch up with you soon, been thinking of you all weekend.

Simply Maria said...

May Our Lord continue to bless you and keep you Gae...

Happy Birthday!


molly said...

what great gifts:) And, your book choices are on my list too!

Kim said...

Happy belated birthday, Gae! May God bless you abundantly! :D

Mom2Seven said...

Happy Birthday, Gae! What wonderful children you have! Lovely, thoughtful gifts. God bless!

Anne said...

Sounds like your day was lovely.:-)
And Taramisu, heavenly!
Anne ♥

Josette said...

Happy birthday!! what lovely gifts and such sweet children for remembering!!

I have been keeping you in my thoughts. As I nurse my baby, I think to myself, "I wonder how Gae is doing with her baby boy".

I wish one day we could have tea together ( I love tea things too!)


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