Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Kynan

To our dear son Kynan,
This day today when we should be celebrating your birthday together finds you hundreds of kilometers from home.
This life is how it has been for most of this year as you pursue your dreams and ambitions.
The ones that don't involve the rest of us here at home. And yet how much a part of the home circle you still are.
We talk to you daily and feel such a part of your life even though we see  you in the flesh rarely now, and only when you are able to come home to us.

Our lives as parents and the start of a magnificent journey all started when we welcomed you into our lives 22 years ago.

How much joy you bring to our lives as we have watched you grow and mature to a young man full of life and love, especially to your family.

The mafia has nothing on us when it comes to backing each other up. Beware the one who offends or upsets one of your beloved.

So enjoy this day my son, and have a safe trip to New Zealand and we can't wait to see you home for the holidays
 All our love always,
Dad, Mum and your favourite fan club


Vellvin said...

Happy Birthday Kynan!!!
Love you,

Trish said...

Many happy returns to Kynan!


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