Saturday, August 27, 2011

10 minute Fairy Wings (Tutorial)

Our resident Fairy in the woods
 Yesterday I FINALLY made the fairy wings I have been wanting to make for our smaller children.
As you may know imaginative play is a big part of our children's lives and of course having wings to be a fairy, pixie, butterfly or other fantastical creature is a must in any child's dress up box.

We have had various bought ones over the years that are made from a wire frame that inevitably get bent out of shape and don't sit right for the children to imagine with properly, unless of course you are in the fairy hospital having your broken wing mended.

So I thought I would make these organza and ribbon wings. Now of course they don't have to be only for fairies, but they can be for your charming butterfly or pixie as they need arises.

Anyway our children have loved them and waited up late last night to actually try them on, well Myffy and Corbyn as Moran and Arwen were asleep by then.

Below is the tutorial for making these wings. It really will only take 10 mins once you have your supplies ready. But only if your over locker and sewing machine LOVE you, as mine don't!
 First off I made up a paper pattern to the size and shape I wanted. The dimensions are on the pattern if you just enlarge it to see them. Of course you can use any other sizes you like as well.
You will nee about 1/2 meter of the organza of your choice and  approx 2m of ribbon of the colour and width of your choice as well. We have pale blue for Corbyn, white for Arwen, pale pink for Myffwyn and pale purple for Moran
Fold the organza over so you have a a fold line and place pattern on  top along the folded side. Cut out so it is one piece when finished.
Simply over lock around the edges
Cut your ribbon so you have one long length of  about 160cm and two shorter lengths of 20 cm each.
Join the smaller lenghts together to form a loop. I then over locked these.
Pin then sew the shorter loops to the top edges of the wing shape and then tie a knot when completed.
The longer one is sewn on the middle of the top edge with the folded part being sewn on so the lengths can be tied around the body.
Not a very good photo but at the bottom center of the wings I put in a gathering stitch to roushed up the bottom to make the shape more.
Finished gathering at the bottom
Completed fairy wings
All four together.
To put on fairy child. The hands go through the loops either to hold or up the arm.
The ribbon comes across the body criss crossed then around the back to be tired there or back around the front to tie up.

These are my own design and I would love to see you enjoy these with your fairy or insect lovers. Please do remember if you use them for any other use.

I hope these instructions are easy to follow for you butif not I would be happy to give more instructions, just leave a comment or e-mail me.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Mom E said...

That is so nice!! Such a great idea! The wire ones usually fall apart on my little ones so this is a great idea and so simple to make :)

fialka012 said...


Gardenia said...

Beautiful and so creative, Gae. i so enjoyed your tutorial on the fairy bower ((which I copied eaferly)). I jusy might have to try these fairy wings. you're so right about the stor bought ones. they hang wierd, or droop, or bend out of shape. God bless your creative heasrt!


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