Friday, August 19, 2011

Trying New Things OR Encouraging Creativity

My First Drawing
Education Is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life.~ The Charlotte Mason Motto

From the very start of our Homeschooling adventure this was the motto I kept on my blackboard. I would look at it and think was I encouraging this in our home. For many years now I have not really thought about it as I do think of our Homeschooling as a life style, and that is the answer I give people when they ask "how do we do it"

Our whole lives are based around being open to learning and encouraging this in our children. In fact, there is much to be said for asking our children to try new things.

If we educate our children at home  we are actually asking them constantly to learn all the time. We ask them to learn for the purpose of their education, we ask our children to learn their faith, we ask children to learn social etiquette and the ability to live in a family and all the related life lessons this involves.

Some children learn new sports and some of them even learn more than one.
In fact I was one of those sporty children from the time I was 12 who was heavily into sports of all kinds. Team sports and individual too. I put all my time in to this and played for many years. I even played A grade hockey even after Kynan was born.

But how often do we ask our selves to learn a new thing as adults. Something completely outside our comfort area. I think not very often, well at least for me.

I do think I am quite comfortable learning anything new within the crafting area. In my adult years I have learnt to knit, crochet, sew (this one is still a challenge for me) clothes, sew crafty stuff, patchwork and quilting, cross stitch, embroidery, smocking, felting, making toys etc. However these are as you can see all within the same field.

I have also learnt to do many house building projects. This was due to necessity, to save money doing it our selves and I can tile, put in insulation, install windows, sand floors, put up gyprock (drywall for you non Aussies) and much more.

However I will admit that I am very unsure of myself with any type of drawing and painting. This I am convinced is partly due to my high school experience (not a positive on e at all) but I also think I am not hugely talented in this area and so being human was never comfortable trying this.

Recently though I was looking at my daughter Eden's drawings and paintings and thought to myself. I think I could copy her style. It is a style that appeals to me and I love her work. Eden drawn many beautiful maidens and long flowing dresses that she designs herself.

So putting my inhibitions behind me I embarked on my first drawing since High School.

It is the image at the top of this post and I am pleased with what I did although a little doubtful about  the quality of it. I do think it was a beneficial process for me and also made me think about how I  expect our children to be open to learning at all times and to branch out and try new things.
Sometimes they struggle with the learning, sometimes they want to give up as the task is not easy and sometimes they need more encouragement just to help them on their way.
Through this 'drawing lesson'  I have a new appreciation ( of which I needed reminding) of being in their shoes with the 'not knowing' that comes from stretching my mental and physical abilities.

You know there is much to learn from children and the way they approach tasks and I am thankful for the opportunity I have to learn and grow alongside our children.

I also believe that if you want your children to be creative they need to be given that example in the home. I cannot expect my children to be creative if I am not actively pursuing this in my own life. This does not mean they need to follow my own ideal of creativity. There are so many strand of creativity and I know that what I do dose not mean that  our children will want to copy only what I like. Creativity is a God given gift to all and I am  convinced that by children watching parents enjoying a creative activity (or 2 or 3 etc) they are more inclined to pursue this in their own lives.

Therefore I once again convinced of  my Blog Title and the sub title as completely appropriate for our family as I think it so applies to our home and our lives.


Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

I know that the reasons my sons are so interested in art, is because I have given them free reign to explore their talent.

There is no competition here. Just a love for the art itself.

Art to me was rigid and very uninspiring...I didn't want the same for my sons.

Your first drawing is just lovely, a hint of who you are Gae.

Be blessed today,


Vicky said...

I love your style, Gae - your drawing is so pure and pretty! Art is a passion for me but, like you, I enjoy sewing, smocking and the home crafts, as well.

I've learnt a lot alongside our children, too - even, swimming! It's so great that we can do this with homeschooling, isn't it?:)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Gae...just wanted you to know that I loved you visiting my "little space"...thank you for your kind words! have such a lovely space to visit! I look forward to sitting down with my cup of coffee and reading about the happenings from your home! Simple Blessings ♥ Teri

Kim said...

Dear Gae,
I was a Charolotte Mason/Waldorf style homeschooling mom for many years, and it was so helpful and encouraging to me to understand that "education is an atmosphere", and that our family has a "lifestyle of learning", even now that my children are almost grown and going off to college. These ideas have not changed.

Gae, your blog is so creative, beautiful, warm, and filled with Light, I really enjoy being here - thank you.

God bless,

Gae said...

Once again I am thankful for your encourageing and beautiful words. Thank you all for taking the time to give some appreciation to me.
Have a blessed weekend


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