Thursday, August 25, 2011

What has been Happening Here............

Dreaming of Spring picture by Autumn
Dear Friends,
Well I have many interesting thoughts and ideas I have been wanting to write about but frankly my time has not been easy to manage. Even with Trahaearn being better with his Reflux he still is a high heeds baby.
And I find that from in between doing lessons with the children and our family life activities I find myself stretched still, not being able to accumplish all that  I would like.
So for today here are some images of everyday life in our family and the things the children do.
A little Red Riding cape made from a scrap of skirt fabric  for Arwen
Eden carved a man from a cauliflower stalk
The girls are learning to plait from three rags I tore up and taped to the banisters
Arwen is helping wiht the cooking squashing the egg shells all over for me to clean up
I moved all my crafting baskets from the op of this small unit to create a space for the little ones to  have free play with some of their must loved toys.
This one was played with for quite a while without changing the  elements
Sandcastle play
Masks for bedtime are a must of course. These are the ones we made earlier for Carnival
Myffwyn brings some beautiful Spring flowers....The Wattle is blooming everywhere
Dancing with Hoola Hoops and Pull Ups on your head is a popular activity
Moran painted this piece of wood for her special climbing tree
We enjoyed some fresh caught Blue Fin Tuna and chips recently.
Baby Trahaearn is growing...well slowly he now weighs 5kg we think
Tea Parties and dressing up are an almost everyday occurrence.
Once again dressing up for a walk ourside
Eden reading while  watching a sleeping baby, not a bad life is it?
Rogan with all the essentials: His checked sewing kit, the red bag has books and the suitcase has his money and patches for a quilt he is planning
A gnome is cooking in the butterfly room
The play scape has changed again
 The Sylvanian families in the dolls house. Notice the rope for them to climb up to the top floor.
 Again different elements on the play table. This really was a great area to change for the children. They are using it all the time now and being able to create many different imaginative play ideas.
 Lots of cuddles for everyone. This time Arwen and Trahaearn.
Playing shop outside. I think this game went on for about three days.

So as for other activities- we have been knitting, reading and planning a special dress for Autumn all of which I hope over time I can share on this space with you. Oh and I have a lovely e-book review to share with you too, so stay tuned.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Nadja said...

Everything appears so serene and lovely. Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves!

Trish said...

I love these glimpses into your days, Gae!
So enjoyable to see and read :-)


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