Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mardi Gras Mask- sort of aTutorial

On Monday in we made our Mardi Gras Masks based on my plan that  I had from making our own felt masks.
As we had to go to Launceston to take Kynan to the airport on Sunday I planned a little Spotlight trip to pick up a few supplies. I needed some felt beads and feathers, Oh and some extra glue for the important part of decorating.
I had decided that I would double the felt to make it more fitted. I traced the pattern twice and then just sewed the two pieces together. I kept two small pieces spare, I then placed glue on the mask, put the hat elastic in place and used the small pieces to go on top of the elastic. I then clamped them together with a peg for about 30 mins.
Our work space with felt and cutting and gluing taking place.
I think this is the first time we have had Anna-Lisa with us for a major creating event. She was a bit hesitant about cutting at first but I think she enjoyed it...eventually.
Here are some of the masks that have been cut, sewn and just waiting for the glue to dry so we can decorate.
Next time I would do this part earlier as it was a little time consuming and I constantly had smaller (and larger children) asking if they could decorate them now!
Saxon is always quick to finish his actual project and was first finished this day as well.
Corbyn really loved sticking on the feathers and was pretty good with the sequins too.
Our two very dramatic girls, Eden and Myffwyn have a very similar style. Very flamboyant. I can see Myffy decorating etc the same way Eden did as a little girl. Perhaps she will be as creative and skillful as Eden as she gets older.
Rogan loves to craft and the more the merrier is his motto. 'If I can just get this one thing more on' seems to be what he loves. Rogan also made one for Kynan even though he isn't here.
We have in the past made items or filled pockets etc for the people in our family away or not able to participate so they can still be part of the 'family circle'
Vellvin was very diligent and subtle (compared with some) in her mask decorating.
Autumn made a mask for her Dad as well as her self. Two very different types.
Moran wanted to have Anna-Lisa guide her in her choices, she has loved having Anna here.
Anna-Lisa made her own and well did you guess ....Braedon's
Some finished masks
Another set completed
And another ...all seemed to reflect the owners personality.
And I had to have a photo with all the Madi Gras Mask makers in their creations.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Sisterbrenda said...

Great job and I like the color of the feathers.. Blessing to all..

Nabila Grace said...

Looks like there was a lot of fun had by all! I'm sure the kids enjoy the crafts most of all! :o) They turned out great!


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