Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yarn Along: 10th August

As I received a message from Adrienne the other day asking how I was going with the beret I am crocheting I thought it was time to  once again join in with Ginny  for the Yarn Along series.

My photo is a not really very good as I couldn't get everything to show equally.

I am reading amongst other things this Rosemary Sutcliffe book ~  Mark of the Horse Lord from our State Library, I don't think it is still in print.
I have really enjoyed this book as I have all the others I have of hers. I think we put holds on every single one of hers we don't own from the library last week. As usual when we love an author we read everything we can get and have a 'party' with the books until we are sated

Here is the Amazon review:
Phaedrus, an enslaved gladiator in northern Britain in the first century, earns his freedom by killing his best friend, a fellow gladiator, in a final fight to the death. Within days of leaving the arena he is recruited by leaders of a tribe from the far north to impersonate Prince Midir, who has been robbed of his right to kingship in a brutal attack by followers of the current ruler, Queen Liadhan. As Midir, Phaedrus is charged with reestablishing his kingship and the tribe's rule in the land. In this world of superstition and ancient ritual, of fierce loyalties and intertribal rivalry, Phaedrus finds companionship and love, and something more - a purpose and a meaning for his life as he comes to fully understand the significance of the Mark of the Horse Lord.

As for knitting I am still working on my Tasha Tudor shawl (bottom left of photo) and am wanting to start some socks (the yarn is the bottom right corner). I am looking for a quick knitting project to do, one I can finish quickly as the shawl is a long term project and I NEED something I can see the results of quickly. Does anyone have any ideas for me?

In the back left is the beret that Adrienne gave me the pattern for and I am working on this a bit at a time too.
In the back right corner are the granny squares I am crocheting for a baby rug, I think by the time it is finished Trahaearn will be bigger than I was anticipating when I started it.

I really don't know how you other knitters/crocheters with babies manage to accomplish so much each week. Frankly I am a little intimidated by the amount of things completed by many of the Yarn Along gals. I do know I have a high needs baby with reflux, and I am able to get some reading in too. But to actually get time for  any craft or 'yarny' time to complete items is beyond me at the moment. Hence my looking for a small project to work on remembering I am a novice in both these areas.
The small amount of blogging, reading and then homeschooling along with real life stuff just about takes up all the time I have. SO if you have any great ideas on how you manage to squeeze in time for knitting etc I would welcome them very much.

So enjoy your 'Yarning Along' to all the wonderful ideas that are available in this weeks Yarn Along.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Plain and Joyful Living said...

I also have several projects always going on at once... I snatch bit of time here and there to knit... Simple projects can be knit while reading out loud to the children. More complicated ones during quiet time. Sometimes when the children are out playing and I don't want to dig into the garden or get dirty at the moment I will grab something on the needles and sit outside with them.

Thank you for sharing.
Warm wishes, Tonya said...

don't be fooled by the amount of projects others complete! sometimes their house is a mess. sometimes their kids are actually playing by themselves, sometimes their kids are at classes, sometimes they are out on the farm. there is no way to get it all done magically and perfectly. something has to give. lol. keep it up, all in good time!


Anna said...

My reflux baby is now 17 and I can tell you it was rough. We werent able to get a Dr to treat it until he was 5 and I wish I could re-do those early years. As for the knitting. I didnt start in earnest until he was 13 or 14 so I cant offer advice. We recently adopted and I get a few hours during naptime and an hour or two before bed if Im lucky. Just savoring the knitting time I get as well as having a little one in the home again. ;)


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