Friday, September 16, 2011

Home and Hearth

"Thus, simply as a child, we learn a home is made from love. Warm as the golden hearth fire on the floor."

I have no idea where I first saw this quote but immediately it resonated with me. 
It seems so obvious to me that a home is made of love. 
This is a goal I aspire to each day, that the home we have with our children would be one that is golden, warm and inviting to be in.

I remember from one of my many "Mothering books" I can't remember which but it is something I always remember: that we want to make our home a place where our children 'PREFER TO BE over any other place.' 
And because it is it will aways be a 'conscience place ' for them in their memories as they leave home. That in this constantly warm and loving  family circle within a home where love is shown that when our children are tempted by wrong and evil this 'Home and Hearth' will be able to help stear them on the path of good and right choices.
That has always stuck with me and what I strive for in the home I try to create for our family. A place we return to day after day, to refresh and be with one another. 
Not because we have no where else to go BUT because that is where we want to be.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Amen! Homes are very special places, and we need to do our best to make them as peaceful and pleasant for our families. :)

Anonymous said...

It took me a long time to be able to understand this and accept it.

Thank you Gae for such encouraging words.



Kim said...

Dear Gae,

This quote resonates with me as well.

I also strive to have a warm home filled with love, so that not only my loved ones who are still living at home will choose to be there, but also so that my children who have left my nest will also want to come home as much as possible. Family is such a blessing!

I love the Tasha Tudor picture you posted - one of my favorites.


4kids1mom said...

I agree! That thought is something I keep in the front of my mind (or try to *wink*) when I get frustrated. It's so easy to act harshly or spitefully or just exhaustedly! I want to be sure that no matter what - my husband and children WANT to be here above all other places because they are cherished, accepted, taken care of and loved.

Lady Linda said...

My husband and I have always tried to make our home a safe and loving place. Our 30 some year old daughters still love to be "home". Great blog Gae

Trish said...

So true Gae.
A real 'home' is built on love.
That's the only thing that keeps children anchored there.
Your family is so blessed by your dedication to have love as the foundation and walls of your beautiful home!

Gae said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on how you creat love and warmth in your own homes. I love that we are able to do this for our families and we have the opportunity to help shape the world by doing so


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