Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spring Seasons Table

It seems as if our Rogan has been the major contributor to organising our seasons tables lately.
As we started Spring earlier this week Rogan brought out our annual items for display.
We have made these over the years and I really am hoping we will be able to craft some new things together over the next few weeks.
I really like the spring fairies and wool roving birds we have for our All Seasons wreath. All these including the wreath were made from The Children's Year and All Year Round.

I am linking this post to Creative Friday and hope to be involved with out creativity each week in this meme.

 Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

How beautiful Gae!

maria b.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea - something I'd like to start with our little ones. I was thinking that this Sunday after church we will spend some time decorating for fall, but now am thinking I want to include a table with things they can look at/touch.

Kathy said...

This is lovely. I have enjoyed my visit to your blog - I hope you have a great weekend,
God Bless,


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