Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Travel Diary 1- Leaving Home

Ready to depart (Trahearn is in Stephen's arms)
Well as we are now all safely home I will begin the  story of our holiday away. Backward, yes I know. but I really didn't have time to preapare a record of our time away and I do want to keep this for our own interests too.

We had a very special time away with the children and were so pleased that Kynan was able to be with us for a vast majority of it as he finished his Uni Holidays with us and then came back for Autumn's Debutante Ball night.

We had some tribulations along the way that made our trip a little more troublesome, awkward to say the least but we are overcoming these.

For now here is the first installment of our trip away~
The view from the ship as we leave the harbour around 8pm (pre-daylight saving time)
Everyone was out enjoying the sights. Kynan and Arwen were a buddy-pair (as usual) as were Autumn and Corbyn. Did I mention I tend to panic, be a little concerned about water travel and children over board etc!!
Trying to get everyone in
Braedon, Myffwyn and Trahaearn stayed inside where it was a whole lot warmer.
Someone taking candid camera shots??
The motions sickness was only a problem for some of the children but getting the little ones to sleep in the cabin (in the first picture of this post) was a little exhausting as they were so hyped up about the long awaited holiday.
We finally arrived in Melbourne, the big city for us. Some of our children have never been on the mainland and for others it has been over 8 years since we were here.
After the beginning of our tribulations (long story revolving around our van) we finally arrived at the home we were staying at with friends.
Our children were quickly at home with the many birds, chickens and cows not to mention, dogs and cats that are on this property.
They had a most enjoyable time picking up the budgies that were in this huge cage and spent many a happy hour over the course of our stay feeding the birds, cattle and chickens
There were many opportunities for long or short walks on the property and along the country roads near by. only the rain  spoilt the  days walking.
We did have  quite a few days of rain that limited this but I think the days we went were very enjoyable and relaxing.
Arwen playing a  game on the deck. I am not sure what it was but she had a lovely time for a long time with this one.
You know food preparation and clean up is always a time for shared experiences and the kitchen is where it all happens for bonding time.
Did I mention that  Stephen still had work to do for the first  4 days. I love the laptop BUT only for pleasure not for the ability to go on holiday and still have to do the work.
After the 'work' situation was sorted we were able to go and do some, not all of the activities we had planned.
Always there is food preparation or if not a small boy who shall remain nameless who is hungry for something to eat.......that isn't bread!
Of course you need to fill the bottomless tummies and bring sustenance to others so in the interests of this we spent a large proportion of time achieving this.

We had a relaxing time not having to be concerned with the 'everyday' life choices we have at home and were very thankful for the opening of their home to us by this family. This gave us a place to spend time with them and a base to operate from as we tried to fit in some fun family times as well.

Stay tuned for the next exciting (well to us anyway)  installment of our holiday..............

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Oh Gae, what a gracious family to open up their homes to all of you!

What a blessing to be able to enjoy yourself and to be away a bit from your everyday lives.

I am glad that you had a wonderful time dear friend :-)


Anonymous said...

who's that with their fist in the 'nutella' jar ?

Trish said...

I'm so glad you all had a great time!
Your friends were very kind to open their home to your family.
I hope you are well and happy Gae - been missing your little visits :-)
much love in Jesus..Trish


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