Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baby Bear and Others

Now isn't this the sweetest little bear you have ever seen?
I am happy to report that Trahaearn has put on weight over this last week- at least 360grams which we are very happy with.
Thank you for those of you who  have been praying for this to happen and I would humbly ask you to continue this good work for us.
So I thought some new photos of our precious dumpling as he becomes one would be sweet. Don't get me started on the fact that even after this weight gain the Doctors still want him to start solids. Even though he has been throwing up again I think this time from being over full.
Why are Doctors soooooo keen to start solids when they are such little babies still. I never understand this as a baby digestive system just isn't ready for this step until later.
While I am at  it we have had  a little princess visit this week wearing Moran's  old princess dress
And Pippi Longstocking made an appearance this week after watching the DVD.
Notice the different stockings that had to be cut from old tights to complete the outfit.

The children still love to dress up even from DVD characters as well as from favourite books prompting my pondering (again) about media in our home and a post about that coming soon.

Blessings to you and your homes,


molly said...

He looks so healthy and happy!
And, the girls......adorable!

Unknown said...

He is looking good.
The other thing though which Dr's never think about is that babies just starting solids only take such little amounts that it is really unlikely that they will put on a lot of weight and the foods they eat are not usually high calorie either, much better to stick to milk!

Kim said...

Well . . your little baby boy looks just about as healthy and happy as he can be!

Gae, I've had questioning moments with my children and doctors too. I always felt as the mother, that I might be more in tune with my child than the doctor. But thank God for doctors, they do Good and amazing work.

God bless,


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