Friday, December 30, 2011

Gingerbread House Making

For the last several years  we have made a Gingerbread House as part of our Pre-Christmas Baking.
sometimes this can be a stressful time as we tend to do things together and this can mean little children getting over whelmed with the numbers of participants and everyone wanting  a turn.

This year we decided, well Autumn suggested and I agreed with her great idea. that the little children would have this opportunity to have this whole experience for themselves.

So after Autumn made the mixture and cut out the house pattern and baked them we placed the lollies on a plate for each of the children involved - Moran, Myffwyn, Corbyn and Arwen.

Autumn then helped (supervised) the little children as they decorated the Gingerbread House.
Arwen had the first opportunity to decorate while there was still a lot of room for her to put the lollies on.
She had a lovely time putting them on one side of the Gingerbread house and was very content with her work. Arwen must have been the only child who did not eat any lollies off her plateful.
Corbyn was hanging around just waiting for his time to have a turn at decorating. He did the other side of the roof.
Corbyn was more excited about eating the lollies and  had very few left at the end of his time at decorating.
Myffwyn was very precise with her work on the house
While the girls were decorating the house I kept Arwen and Corbyn busy decorating our Yo Yo cookies. We iced them and put on some little candy coated chocolate drops. This was my third packet of these as  Autumn  someone kept nibbling on them.
Myffwyn was very  happy with her work too
Moran was so patient and waited till last. The icing was starting to harden by then though and was finding it hard to keep her lollies on the house.
She found it hard after a while and so gave up after when  they kept falling off
Let me just say that our Gingerbread house was not a standard looking house. There was nothing remotely looking like windows and door really
But I must say our little children had the most fun decorating it. They were very happy to have this activity all to them selves
Of course we had to let little Trahaearn to have a  little touch of this impressive structure and he was most interested in getting the little colourful parts of it.

All in all I think we will do our Gingerbread house like this again - a special part of our baking for the little children. However I am contemplating putting it to together on the feast of Our Lady of Loretto, Dec 10, as I read on a  FB update, can't quite remember who. So if anyone else does please remind me.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Kim said...


Erin said...

I remember your plan for this, glad it worked out so well.

Anonymous said...

Lol Gae at first I thought this was a photo of our gingerbread house and I thought to myself did I post photos of our house ? my memory is so bad lol
we had our solstice party and let all the littles decorate ! when I looked at it the next morning there were two huge star shaped sugar cookies plastered on it lol
I've been thinking of You and L'Abri again . I'm taking time offline again and thinking to re-read the book . I'll be online every thursday after new years ☺ more hand writing for me and sewing etc.
I love your blog Gae so much .Thanks for being You .
xoxox Rox

ccc said...

As hard as it is to find a day pre-christmas to make gingerbread houses with the kids, we have been doing it with another family for a few years now. The children love it! We "cheat" and the kids make their houses ahead of time with cardboard and then they use graham crackers that they "glue" on with the frosting that goes right over the cardboard.
I really like the idea of doing it on Our Lady of Loretto.


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