Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Patron Saints for 2012

Each Year we are involved in the process of asking for Patron Saints for the new Year. We believe that these saints choose us for a reason each year and we try to learn about them and have a particular devotion to them during the year, asking for their prayers to guide and help us in the year ahead.

These are the saints who we have for the year~

Family Patron Saint -- Our Lady of Good Remedy
Home Schooling Saint -- St. Joseph Calasanz

Stephen -- St. Benedict
Gae -- St. Monica
Kynan -- St. Ambrose of Milan
Braedon -- St. Thomas Aquinas
Autumn -- St. Catherine of Alexandria
Eden -- St. Francis Xavier
Saxon -- St. Andrew Kim Taegon
Vellvin -- St. Clare of Assisi
Rogan -- Bl. Pedro Calungsod
Moran -- St. Joachim
Myffwyn -- St. Rita
Corbin -- St. John Chrysostom
Arwen -- St. Brighid
Trahaearn -- St. Patrick

Blessings to you and your homes,


Chari said...

Love the photo, Gae!

We pick saints, too, but on new year's eve or day. What is your usual day for doing this and why?

I love the idea of a saint for the whole family and especially the homeschooling year.

How do you pick your saints? Do you use an online saint generator?

We open pages in Butler's.

God bless!


Unknown said...

How do you find your saints?

Gae said...

Sorry to take so long in response. I email a lady who used to do it form her blog a few years ago. She still does it for me each year though so that is really good. I think you can google a couple of other people though
Hope this helps
God Bless


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