Wednesday, December 21, 2011

St Lucia - Festival of Light

It has been that kind of Advent for us here.
The running behind trying to get everything accomplished from behind the starting gate.

So here I am a week late sharing the beautiful evening we had in celebration of St  Lucia.
We had a special time introducing this celebration to two very special girls in our older son's lives.
This year  we did not even wear our St Lucy crowns (see last year too) or make any little favours like in past years.
WE made St Lucia bread (recipe here) early in the day ready to have after our 'Festival of Light Celebration'
Seriously this is one of the favourite parts of this day for our children - making the coloured custard to look like blood.
You do know you have to have 'blood custard' with the eyeballs we make each year. This was the children's own creation thought up quite a few years ago.
Of course you want to know how to make them don't you?
Take a packet of marshmallows and dip them in melted chocolate then place a choc melt on top and freeze to set the chocolate.
And there you have it  chocolate eye balls......
After dinner we have our Festival of Light were we turn out the lights throughout the house and have a single candle or lantern lit and start our procession around our home lighting candles in each room and singing  "Walk in the Light". This is explained more clearly in my post from last year.
These last photos are (partly) of our journey through out the home as we light our candles........please enjoy!!
Blessings to you and your homes,

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noreen said...

Beautiful pictures Gae of your St. Lucia celebration! Merry Christmas!


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