Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Arwen's Third Birthday

The day has finally come!!!
Arwen had been anticipating her birthday since before Christmas, in fact at the start of Advent when we told her Christmas was Jesus's birthday.
For many days she has been counting down the days and the build up for her and the other smaller children over the last three days has been amazing. They were all sooooo excited for Arwen and kept helping her count down the days until she was three.
So this morning she was up and wanted her brothers to 'get up' so she could open her presents. She waited so patiently and had the most wonderful time and delighted us all with her enthusiasm for each special gift.
The birthday girl really enjoyed licking the bowl ALL to herself and she is really our little princess.
A butterfly cake was an easy cake and she had planned this for some time too. Don't you love sweet little girl cakes for sweet little girls?
She finally put on the crown I made her when it was time for the cake but no way was she wearing it at any other time today. She is such a  sweetie!
Waitning, waiting for the cake to come to the table.
Oh the excitement as we sing to our little precious girl
I said to her today 'Happy Birthday' and she said as she is hugging and kissing me back "Happy Birthday  Mummy" and then quite unasked "thank you for my presents' in that sweet, soft little voice.My heart just melted.....again
Of course she had to cut the cake up herself, thank you very much.

After this very exciting bed we had a little girl all tucked up and asleep in no time.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, what a sweetie pie you have! My Mary (age 3) would be good friends I am sure! Love the cake...and yes I love little girl cakes!!! ( I love cake for that matter ha!)
I am behind with everyone's blogs and I have had to read your back posts.
God bless you.

Kim said...

Gae, can you make my birthday cake? :> I'm glad Arwen had such a spectacular birthday!

Erin said...

So gorgeous!!

Mom2Seven said...

Happy birthday, cute stuff! +JMJ+

Eva said...

Happy birthday, Arwen!

Unknown said...

Where does time go - hard to believe she is three!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations !! It looks like she had a wonderful time. Such a sweet girl and already doing so much herself, great !!!
Have a wonderful day.


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