Saturday, February 18, 2012

'Baby Buns'l

 There is something irresistibly sweet about a little waddling baby bottom.  But then there is just something so irresistible about babies - full stop. All that beautiful trusting innocence looking into your eyes as he gives you an adoring smile that begs for a return favour, that is so easily granted.
We are entering a new phase with our little dumpling, who by the way is a VERY big dumpling. He is getting up on one knee and rocking back and forth as he reaches forward to get what he has seen out in front of him.
Trahaearn is a delightful little guy and he seems to be growing so very, very quickly. He spends a fair amount of time reaching from a sitting position and plopping down onto his tummy and then reaching for what he wants.
 See what our little sweety can do! His next stage is to get that little right leg around  so he can start to move forward.
Hmmn, looks like we will be entering the pick up all the little things of the floor again.

BTW does anyway else agree with me about those cute baby buns?

Blessings to you and your homes,


maria said...

Oh my goodness...Yes! They are just the most adorable things :)

He is growing so well Gae. What a blessing!


Cinnamon said...

Oh he is just too sweet looking!! what handsome boy you've got there. But you know that right? ha ha!

I love your new blog header. I just remembered that you asked me about that. It looks great. I just use a photo shop program and play around with the numbers. I think my measures 7x3 or a pixel count of 1000x400 or something like that. I just played around with it really until I found the measurement I liked.

I have not read that book the Wheat Belly. So I'm not sure what foods it says have gluten that I've mentioned. I'd love to hear about it though. You can email me too. Sometimes when I read questions I forget about them but if they are in my inbox I get back quicker.

I didn't see your grain free post. Did I miss it? Or is it not up yet?

Hope you are doing well and enjoying your beautiful children.



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