Monday, March 19, 2012

Snack Packs.....

As part of getting a grip on the 'munchies' in the family with our Grain 'n' Sugar FREE life style. To help the mama have some sanity over the constant asking for food to eat in between meals. I introduced the 'snack pack' last week.

Simply put Saxon (as a new job for him) is in charge of filling the snack packs each night. This zip lock bag contains each persons entire snack quota for the day, with the exception of perhaps an apple or banana.
Unless of course we bake something to be shared at a meal.

This is actually going well and I must say that I am pleased with how the children, especially the younger ones are managing with it.
Now depending on whether you believe dried fruit is good for you or not you may like our list of items (or not)

Now I would probably allow a bit more nuts if they weren't so very expensive.
However this is what we have in the 'snack packs'~
2 dried apricots
2 dates
2 prunes
approx 5 almonds
approx 5 cashews
approx 5 macadamia
small (very) hand of peanuts
small (very) hand of sultanas
pumpkin seeds - a few thrown in
sunflower seeds - a few thrown in
dried shredded coconut

Not everyone likes everything, well a few do, but we give and take for those individual tastes and thankfully I have had some relief from the constant asking for food question!

So how do you cope with the munchies at your home? I would love to hear some great ideas!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Molly said...

Great idea!!

On a recent trip my hubby and I brought lots of trail mix with us, and it worked out great. The combination kept us satisfied, and provided an energy boost.

I wish I would have thought to make my own though, 'cos there was way too much salt for us.


Suzanne said...

We do this too Gae--great minds think alike...LOL! They are so convenient to grab and go. I make granola bars and wrap them in wax paper and stick them in the freezer and grab those too and go:-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I do this in the summer a lot. But I love the idea of passing it on to one of the older kids.

ccc said...

everyone wants to eat between meals...and some of them rightly so, since they are growing so fast and are athletes. So, I simply buy so many apples, oranges, bananas, carrots, celery, raisins and prunes--and these can be eaten by anyone, any time of day--but, they cannot touch anything else. And, they cannot take more than 2 of the same item a day so that item does not run out in a week's time.

Storybook Woods said...

This is a great idea Gae. I will have to remember it!! Clarice

Sue Elvis said...


We have snack packs too. They make great morning and afternoon snacks when we are out and about, away from home. The younger girls like to make up the packs. One day they stuffed as much as possible into each bag including about 9 dried apricots. Can you imagine eating 9 fresh apricots at one sitting? The girls were more restrained next time they did the packs. We also add dried apple and dried banana chips. Dried berries are nice too.

I love your storage jars!

God bless.

Gae said...

Dear Molly,
Yes often there is too much salt on pre-packaged items.
Although our little guy loves sunflower seeds with salt on them

Gae said...

Dear Suzanne,
Great minds, I like it.
I love easy snacks that don't take long to get

Gae said...

I was doing it but wehn we reassigned jobs I found that Saxon ws lacking in jobs and so passed it to him.
Otherwise we might not get it done all the time :)

Gae said...

Thanks Clarice, love passing on what works for us with thoughts someone else will benefit.

Gae said...

That is the challenge in a large family making sure everyone only gets their fair share isn't it?
Yes weekly shopping can be a benifit in limiting what children will take, as they get older they understand better

Gae said...

Dear Sue,
Yes Saxon would put more apricots in, everyone loves them!!
We have never been fond of dried banana chips. Just for your information (if you are concerned or didn't know) they have a lot of added sugar on them :(

I got our jars years ago from Maxwell House Coffee. WE bought that coffee purely for the jars but I was devastation when they stopped putting in those jars.

Gae said...

I will add this to my post but forgot to mention we add Goji berries to the mix too



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