Monday, March 19, 2012

St Patrick Celebrations 2012

Our celebration of St Patrick's Day was a little different from previous years as we were not able to  use our favourite recipes. We used some grain free ones ones and I will review these in a future grain post.
I stayed up late the night before because I wanted to make some Irish girls to put on our Bookcase display (above)
I so enjoyed making my Leprechauns last year and so just HAD to make something new.
I adore painting red heads and had lots of fun dong these.

Our plans for this day consisted of these ideas:
Dress in green (yes most of us did)
Make Irish Girls (above)
Read the books we own (pictured in my side bar)
Set up bookcase display (initial picture)
make paper snakes ( see below)
Do colouring pages and other activities (as we can from below list)
colouring pages
Colouring page
ST Patrick colour
St Patrick
Lap Book
Note Cards
Tracing Page
Heap of St Patrick Ideas

Pick clover for vases
Chalk Board picture
Make Grain Free Chocolate cupcakes and cream on top with mint 'shamrock' decorations (sadly I can't find the picture for this one) Recipe 1 and Recipe 2
 Make Irish Soda Bread - recipe here

Things we didn't do but were on my list were:
Make a mini ribbon banner like my Valentine one
Play Pin the Shamrock on St Patrick like we did in a previous year.
Face painting and/ draw Celtic tattoos on body.
St Patrick Play (similar to some of our slide shows)

So Corbyn was so excited to be dressing  all in green to celebrate St Patrick that he had all his clothes out the night before, including his Cowboy hat and was ready in record time in the morning.
He went and picked me some clover first thing and came with clover flowers first and then went back for the clover leaves, ie, shamrocks.
Moran and Myffwyn took a long time finding some green clothes but came up with some original and quite peasant look for the day.
Once again picking of the shamrocks was in order.
Seriously I love this in our grass and can never understand why people prefer to have clover free grass.
Isn't it just a delightful and fresh picked greenery?
For our lunch as we could not have some of our other past experiences with food, we made an Irish flag from carrot, cheese and celery.
Coming down stairs to a reminder of the day is always a special thing for me.
Our children especially enjoy  colouring pages and spend a nice time together doing this.
After the cup cakes were mixed up it is only right and fair that someone licks the bowl!
Rogan make recipe 2 batch of Cupcakes. I will review these along with other new recipes, as soon as I can.
And Autumn made Recipe 1. We wanted to try both to see which one we preferred.
Corbyn starting to paint the 'snake' paper
 Corbyn painted one snake paper and got tired of it after that.
 I drew snake spiral for the little ones to cut out form the finished snake paper
Cutting the snakes
Arwen with her finished snake, it got to be rather small after she insisted on cutting across the snake body.
Moran and her very long snakes
Myffwyn just had to wear her snakes
Yeah, too cute!!
Then we draped them over the St Patrick chalk board so St Patrick could 'drive them out of Ireland'
Over the course of the day we had some interesting conversation with the little ones about this and other themes fro St Patrick.
Our Grain Free Irish Soda much smaller than we are used to.
Ready to eat, even if someone forgot to keep checking on it.
Dinner was , um, not really St 'Patricky' at all as I forgot when planning menus and shopping that I needed to get St Patrick type food.
However the colours worked in our favour yet again with green, white and orange.

We did not watch any of the movies we have as it was quite late when we had finished after our regular and additional Saturday jobs too, as well as sleeping in (gasp, gosh) so we did not even start  until about 12pm.

I pray you all enjoyed your own celebrations of one of our favourite saints.......... St Patrick
Blessings to you and your homes,


Unknown said...

Lovely to see all the creative ways you are remembering St Patrick.

Greetings from N Ireland :)

Eva said...

Flora is also fascinated by the story of St. Patrick and the snakes. I'm enjoying your posts on grain-free eating. I've been going back and forth between gluten-free and grain-free eating myself. For myself I prefer grain-free, for the children we only do gluten-free. I look forward to some of your recipes.


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