Sunday, June 10, 2012

Myffwyn's Birthday in Collage

Another birthday down!
Another birthday with much fun and excitement.

Myffwyn was so happy to have her birthday and had waited a whole 7 days to actually celebrate her birthday.
Once again I am so thankful that our children are more interested in the actual celebration together than having the 'presents' on the day as the main focus of their celebration.

Myffy was very excited that on her actual birthday her special buddy, Braedon gave her an MP3 player like Moran got. I do like these for our children and we have a very wide variety of audio books for them to listen too. The current favourite is the Rangers Apprentice books read by William Zappa. These are from and we are truly enjoying them as the new ones have been released. We have listened to the first  books for over 5 years and then in the last 3 months the last 5 books have been released. A HUGE listening project in our home.

Having big brothers working has been a real plus for our younger children this year and Myffy also received a complete outfit from Kynan and his special girl which she loved.

As Braedon had given her the main present we would had I had to think of other special gifts for her. So when she asked for a tea cup like the big girls I was pleased we could get this for her.
Mind you our tea cup collection is truly growing and I think we will need another place to house them.
Of course for our little girls what has become known as 'bling' in our family is always a welcome gift and so Myffy received a nice lot of this as well.

For the birthday food we had~
Breakfast:  buckwheat pancakes with jam and cream
Lunch: the party bags she choose and odds and ends as per birthday tradition.
Dinner: Hmmm well I am not sure this was a wise choice as we had both Myffwyn and Vellvin sick during  the night after her meal of......
McDonald's Chicken and Cheese burgers with home cooked potato chips, soft drink.
We definitely  have reactions now we are Grain 'n' Sugar Free
Birthday Cake: I made a Castle Cake from my own ideas and loved how it turned out.
I used a Macro Cake Mix Chocolate Cake Gluten Free as I am looking for a more 'shapable cake for these special cakes we make and not so expensive either.
However this one was not as nice as the one we had used before and so not really worth it.

Once again it was a big day here and one we really enjoyed as we celebrate the special days of each of our precious children.

Next birthday is mine!! Oh I can't wait to see what is planned for me............

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Marqueta (Mar-kee-ta) G. said...

Dear Gae,

I love the birthday collage; she looks positively beaming! Good luck on finding gluten-free cakes that are shapeable. We end up grinding nuts and dates together for a kind of crust that is shapeable, then put a berry/banana sorbet type thing (frozen fruit run through the food processor) on top. :) Oh yes, and shredded coconut!




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